Back in the USSR:


We really enjoy hearing from our customers--from all over the world. One of the amazing things about technology today is the number of conversations we have with customers.  We love getting the feedback.

One such customer is Boris (pictured below). He is still proudly wearing the Titan .6 cock ring in charcoal (which we haven't made in YEARS!) It still looks great! 


Back in the USSR:  A Long-time Fan Wears the Titan .6 in Charcoal 


You can't say we aren't doing what we can for international relations! The fraternity of men and women into gear is pretty open and accepting. Sometimes we just want to show off--and there's a lot to show off! Sometimes we just want to keep a comrade warm!


Wouldn't you like to warm up this comrade?  He's looking good!


Love it? You can still get the Titan .6 cockring in original mirrored or brushed stainless steel finish. (Or wear a similar look with the Boxer anodized cock ring.) This ring is low-key, low-profile and high-performing! It's a very comfortable option.

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!


(Photo provided by customer.)



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