More Boris:  From Russia with Love in the Grinder C Ring by gear essentials


Boris, a very happy customer in Russia, sent us a slew of self-pics the other day. Today we are sharing Boris in his Grinder cock ring. Looking good, Boris!


From Russia with Love:  Boris in His Grinder C Ring by gear essentials


Your hard equipment will bust a nut with gear essentialsGrinder cockring. With a bandwidth of .6 inches (15 mm) and weighing in at nearly five ounces (137 grams) you will know you have it on. Designed for the  distinguished man whose equipment is geared up for a heavy night of passion.This hard-working stainless steel cock ring plays big brother to the Bolt. Put it on and take it away!
gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!
WHERE TO FIND IT:  Grinder Cockring:   

(Photo provided by the customer.)



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