Live from IML:  So Many Distractions!


International Mr. Leather feels so long ago--but we still have more pictures to share!

For those of you into man-gear, leather, fetishes, etc., this is a must-see event.  The first time I went I think my mouth was hanging open for most of the weekend.  Let's just say I got quite an education (and I didn't just fall of the turnip truck!)

While we were 'hard' at work, this is an example of what was happening right next door!  Do you think we were distracted?


Live from IML:  Re-Curling the Short Hairs!


You may not be into being tied, poked, probed and electrified but obviously this guy's not complaining!  One of the things I have learned at IML is not very sexy:  we are all into our own thing and it's all good.

gear essentials...helping YOU make YOUR SEX Better!  ENJOY!



(Photo by Jay Williams.) 



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