Stacking Cockrings in Style


When you want a customized look and feel, stack your cock rings. 

The customer ("G") pictured below is stacking two good-sized cock rings, gear essentials' heaviest, the Omega, and the Imperial engraved penis ring. Some may look at him and think he's extreme. However, I look at it and celebrate a man who is into his cock, is very cock-aware and is enjoying it. 

When he sent us his pics he wrote:  "Feel free to use the pic. Your rings are incredible. G" We love hearing that. We love our cockrings and that's why we do what we do.

G's cock rings are keeping his prick up, front and forward. Everything is right there--begging to be touched. It feels so good! Even just walking around throughout the day G is more aware of the sexual potency and power that lies between his thighs.


Stacking Cockrings in Style:  The Omega & Engraved Imperial C Rings by gear essentials


G is wearing both the Omega (right next to his pubes) and the Imperial engraved C rings.


The Omega Cockring

The Omega is a great ring--perfectly smooth and rounded like a donut, it is gear essentials' heaviest but you quickly forget that and just enjoy the pure pleasure of wearing this amazing ring.

Jonathan from Marrietta, Georgia, wrote:  "This ring is amazing. I have owned it for two months now and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been one the best purchases I have made. The weight is lovely and the rounded surfaces is the ring is comfortable at all times.

"I purchased the bright mirror and to this day it still shines beautifully. Moreover, the weight is amazing. It makes solo and non solo activities significantly better. As time goes on, you don't forget that it is there, but it becomes more apart of you and you will definitely know when you are not wearing it. Finally, my wife loves how it looks and feels."


The Imperial Engraved Penis Ring

G's second ring is an Imperial that is engraved. A customer e-mailed me the following last year:

"i bought one of your barbed wire engraved cock rings for my husband for christmas, and i have to tell you that thing looks sexy as fucking hell on him. it's so badass and it is SO well made. i just wanted to shoot you a quick comment to let you know that you guys rock, and i/we will be back for more. speaking of more... he's still wearing the cock ring. so yeah. i'm gonna go now ;)"

When you really want to highlight your personality, an engraved ring is a great way to do it. The stunning engraved cock rings ensure that your uniqueness stands out. Each one is meticulously handcrafted of the finest solid stainless steel and hand-etched—so express yourself! Just like our writer above, these are our most commonly ‘gifted’ cock rings and are available in four designs:

Imperial Cock Ring with Barbwire OR Tribal designs

Bandwidth: .62 inches (15.75 mm)
Weight: Approximately 6.05 ounces (171.51 grams)

Master Cock Ring with Celtic design

Bandwidth: .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight: Approximately 8.05 ounces (228.21 grams)

Omega Cock Ring (gear essentials’ heaviest cock ring) with Wings design

Bandwidth: .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight: Approximately 11.02 ounces (312.41 grams)


Stack your rings and enjoy the added power and self-expression. Who knew sex looked and felt so good!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



(Photo by G. Jonathan is not pictured.) 



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