Swinging Dick with Slave Thompson


We are fans of Slave Thompson having first met him at IML 2014. He can really stack on the ball weights (to see how many, click this link for our blog "With Love... From IML:  Totally Stacked with the Omega Split Ring") wearing an impressive 54 Oz. at one time.

Here he is wearing a split ring ball weight as a glans ring. This will really maximize the flaccid stretch and that feeling of a "mini hand job in your pants." He is triple-ringing--meaning wearing cock ring, ball weight and glans ring.


Swinging Dick with Slave Thompson: Triple Ringed

The Components of Triple Ringing

Cock Ring:  It keeps your dick thicker and at its fullest so you look and feel your best.  When you feel your chubby cock move against your body as you go about your day it gives you an erotic charge and sense of satisfaction. When you are ready for action blood flows in and is restricted from leaving so you are thicker, harder and longer--meaning sex is better.

Ball Weight:  This plays with your ball sac all day long. You will feel the tug and twist of the 8 ounces (or whichever size you choose) of solid stainless steel and it will send electric currents running throughout your body. When the clothes come off and the action begins, the ball stretcher will delay and intensify your orgasm because it keeps your nads from retracting into your body as it prepares to cum. Some guys even report that they shoot farther--and more.

In a recent review, AusJon from Sydney, Australia wrote: “This piece is amazing, the best ball weight I've used. Don't even think about messing around with any other type! I've ordered the 24 now, and maybe one day the 32 will also be swinging between my legs.”

As AusJon says, ‘this piece is amazing’! You will love the tug, twist and pull. It feels great as you wear it throughout the day, the delayed orgasm it causes when your balls cannot retract up can be mind-blowing and your partner will love feeling it swinging. In addition, with regular wearing your balls will stretch (which is why it is also known as a ‘ball stretcher’!)

Glans Ring:  This ring that rests beneath the head of your dick gives you pleasure all day long. It rubs and tickles the uber-sensitive skin right beneath the head of your prick as you move. (This works best when you are commando or wearing loose clothing. If you were tight underwear it compresses everything together so you don't get the benefit of the continual movement.) It is an amazingly delicious feeling. Your co-workers will be wondering just why you are smiling all day!


Swinging Dick with Slave Thompson: Triple Ringed


When triple-ringing you get the best of all worlds:  the cockrings keep your prick thick, long and hard; the ball weight gives tantalizing twist, tug and pull--and delays orgasm; the glans rings tease the sensitive nerve endings around the head of your dick and when hard, make your dickhead huge! You will love what it does for you.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



(Photos by Slave Thompson. AusJon is not pictured.)



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