Jump In!  The Water's Fine:  Can I Get My Ball Stretcher Wet?

Can I get my ball stretcher wet? 

We received the following e-mail in our box today:

"Hi, I just bought a metal ball stretcher and I wondering if I can wear it underwater? Because I've already got one from another shop and the thin metal paper star to peel. Is it because it's cheap stainless or if I should not wear it underwater?"


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Our response: 

You can wear it underwater but it isn’t the best for the long-term ‘life’ of your ball stretcher. The majority of the materials in our ball stretchers is made of stainless steel. It is hardy stuff and fairly resistant to corrosion. (The one exception can be the chemicals in a hot tub.)  We recommend that you rinse your ball weight off thoroughly after being in any pool/spa with chemicals (and all public pools are chemically treated). 

However—the nub that holds the side opposite the screw in place is NOT made of stainless steel.  This can rust. So be very sure to wipe it dry after you wear it in water. Even with wiping it down it will likely show oxidation. It won’t harm you (as it doesn’t touch your skin—it is internal to the ball stretcher) so that is not a worry.

I have often worn my 8 ounce ball stretcher in the pool. I love the way it feels.

Your previous ball stretcher was likely a base metal with a chrome plating on it. Once that starts to deteriorate (and chrome plating will do that with consistent contact with your body oils) you should really NOT wear it any longer. It can scratch and cause infections to the family jewels.

Enjoy your new ball stretcher!


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