Triple Threat: Glans, Shaft & C Rings -- Paulo is BACK!


We featured a picture of a favorite customer, Paulo, yesterday.  Here are two more!

Paulo is a long-time customer and has worn gear essentials' gear all over the world. He was excited about our new glans rings so he ordered a few.


Paulo's Back: Master C Ring, Titan .4 Glans Ring & Titan .2 Shaft Ring (by gear essentials)


Glans / Head Ring -- Paulo is wearing the Titan .4 glans ring as a glans ring.  He chose it because:

  • The added weight pulls your dick down when you are flaccid.
  • It increases the sensation of the 'mini hand-job in your pants'! 
  • Makes your dickhead even bigger!


Shaft Ring -- He is wearing a Titan .2 as a shaft ring. It restricts blood from leaving your cock and makes masturbation or sex with a partner more pleasurable as well.


Master Cock Ring -- This hunk of metal is gear essentials' third heaviest cockring at slightly over 8 ounces (228 grams). This bold ring keeps the blood restricted in your dick so sex is better! 


Triple Threat: Master C Ring, Titan .4 Glans Ring & Titan .2 Shaft Ring (all by gear essentials)


gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo provided by the Customer.)





Thanks for your comments—there are directions for measuring (link at the bottom of the webpage: “Sizing Guide”). Otherwise give us a shout; we can help.

As for weighty cock rings, the heaviest is the Omega. It also is amazingly comfortable. Let us know your sizing concerns and we can help you through that as well. Thanks! Jay



Great pics and am looking to order a glans ring so I wanted to see the size and comments about the weigh. Have been using cock rings but generally too large and not enough weith

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