Adam Killian:  Fierce in his Cockring!


There is no question that Adam Killian, pictured below, is one of the hottest studs around today. His booty is legendary and his cock is thick and juicy--particularly in his leather cock ring. 

As puberty was hitting I used to make my own cock straps out of shoelaces or a leather thong. I had quickly learned that it made my boner even bigger and harder. I loved jacking off with something wrapped tightly around the base of my dick. I remember the first time I was in a sex toy shop and saw cock rings. I popped an instant woody right then and there. I was still in high school so I didn't have a lot of money, but I bought a leather cock strap similar to the one pictured below. At first it was hard, stiff and uncomfortable but with regular wearing it quickly softened and soon felt like a second skin.

Now I almost always am wearing one of gear essentials' metal cock rings but I still occasionally snap one of these babies on! It's easy to travel with and if you are ever surprised with a boner and aren't wearing a cock ring, you can just snap it on and enjoy some extra support (because you are NEVER going to get your stainless steel penis ring on AFTER you bone up!) It's also great for wrapping around your balls for a bit of stretch and pull.


Adam Killian:  Fierce in his Leather Cockring!


That's quite a view--and quite a cock, isn't it? There's nothing like strapping one on to make a good (and big) first impression!

We carry the 5-Snap version in black & blue or solid black from M2M. (We've also got buckles and D-rings and V-style Dividers--talk about options!) 

You can look--and be--fierce too in your leather cock ring! 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



Leather 5 Snap Cockring:



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