Guys who have never worn a cockring often ask me why I would ever consider putting a hard band of steel around my dick.  (The question even makes me pop a boner!) 

I have a few reasons!

  1. I love how it makes me feel.  The hard steel (which makes me hard) is cool to the touch but quickly warms to my body temperature when I put it on.  One of our customers said it best, "It's like there is this firm grip cradling and supporting me."  It feels amazing.  Frankly I feel naked without it.
  2. It keeps my dick--even when flaccid--thicker.  There is nothing like a big package, is there?  I've never gotten complaints in that department but my dick (or yours!) in a rigid cock ring under tight jeans is a sight to behold.  Trust me, you'll get second looks.
  3. A penis ring makes my rod more sensitive.  When I'm walking around throughout my day, I have this sense of my dick and the power there.  As I move, fabric brushes against my thickened dick and causes a thrill sensation to run up my spine and back down to the head of my cock.  I get a stiffie.
  4. When I'm hard, I'm superman-steel-hard!  Want your prick to be thicker, longer and harder?  A cock ring will do it for you.  You may reach places you've never touched before!  Whether having sex with another or all by yourself, the magnitude is mind-blowing.
  5. The 'sensitive male' within comes OUT!  My dick becomes more sensitive to the lightest touch--be it tongue, feather, leather or my own hand.  And the orgasms are screamin-hot!


Get Pumped:  The Titan .4 C Ring by gear essentials in Action!


All things considered, maybe you don't need a cock ring.  But why wouldn't you?!

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


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