Glans Rings = More Adjustments?


You know we love our glans rings!

Today as I was finishing a meeting we closed with small talk. The guy I was meeting with was joking about what I do for a living and made a comment about gear essentials' new glans rings. "I bet you can give me a personal testimonial about them" he teased. I replied, "I absolutely can. Right now. I have one on!" (Needless to say I made a sale!)

I love our glans rings. They are my new favorite toys because they feel absolutely incredible!

This morning I had to make a quick stop to pick up 'pomade' (why does that sound so 'snooty?') I am wearing tight underwear and two cock rings and my Titan .4 glans ring (gear essentials' heaviest) and so I needed to find a secluded corner to make an 'adjustment'. (Ladies, don't judge! How many times have I watched all y'all adjust bra straps or reach inside your 'cup' and waggle a breast around?)

This got me to thinking about a recent review posted regarding the Surge glans ring. It made me sad. The customer gave it a lowly 2 out of 5 stars. While he liked the quality and aesthetics of the ring, he said, "the glans ring has more of a square-shouldered, cylindical surface on the interior, making for occasion pinches when wearing it for an extended period."

It's true. When we designed our new line of glans rings, we made the interior rim squared to keep it from sliding off over the corona of the dick. (I have to say I'm kind of loving the term 'square-shouldered' though!) It's also true that you have to adjust it more frequently--particularly with tight underwear. I prefer a head ring commando or with looser boxer-briefs. That's when the pleasure of the mini-handjob-in-your-pants really kicks in! (And it looks HOT!)

So we adjust our junque more often than usual. What's the worst that could happen? Some hottie in the vicinity thinks we are cruising?!


Jay's Fave:  The C Ring / Glans Ring Combo


So adjust, enjoy your daily activities, catch admiring glances at the beach or locker room AND have great sex!  After all, that's what gear essentials is all about!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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