Red Hot:  Double-Ringed = Double the Pleasure!


We are all about great sex here at gear essentials. In fact, we hope your sex life is RED HOT!

When I first discovered cock rings I was amazed at how they made my dick feel. I was thicker and fuller (as a result of the blood flow restricted from leaving my prick). This made masturbation and sex more intense. 

A few years ago I was exposed to ball weights. I never thought I would wear this 'fetish' item but when I put it on I immediately popped a woody!  Sometimes our dicks are way more honest than our mouths! Needless to say I enjoyed the tug (and still do)! I soon learned that a ball weight also prolongs orgasm because my balls cannot retract prior to cumming. (More good stuff!)

Now I frequently wear both a cock ring and a ball stretcher (and of course, now I put a glans ring on top of all that--I have become a mass of metal!  BUT it feels good!)


Red Hot / Double the Pleasure:  Titan .6 C Ring & Ball Weight by gear essentials


His Red Hot latex is drawing attention to his love spot--with hot cock and balls dangling below. He is sporting the clean lines and simplicity of the Titan .6. in the lustrous mirror finish. Made in the USA of quality stainless and available in three bandwidths: .2 inch, .4 inch and .6 inch. (These rings are also great for cock ring stacking.)

He is also wearing a 24 ounce (1.5 inch bandwidth) ball stretcher. This adds extra momentum to your play. The sensation of your nuts swinging in a pair of baggy pants is incredible. It's so hot you'll cum like crazy! AND you will have a longer orgasm than usual because your balls cannot retract. 

It's available in our sensual brushed finish or the all NEW ridged PISTON! All our weights are made of stainless steel  to the same high standards that you've come to expect from 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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Tamara Dane.

Tamara Dane.

Wow canice get my eyes off that They looks gorgeous.yeah.

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