A long-time GearFan sent some amazing pictures a few days ago. I was particularly happy to see these because he has documented how he is stretching his man-sized bull balls by stacking ball weights. He stretched an incredible 24 Oz. (adding 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm) in just four days!

Here's his experience in his own words:

"Hi Jay...I will send a few pics of my stacked rings...as well as one showing how I use the smaller ones to spread my ball sack to get the larger ones on. I don't mind sharing that with your customers.  

"That was one of the reasons I decided to order the smaller ones. I had a feeling I might be able to do that. I've already gone from a 32oz...the one I had before...to a 32 oz +8 oz + 16 oz for 56 oz total!!!  I used to 8 oz rings to start the process. 

"I'm having fun! Pass along pics for your blog soon!"

And he did. You can see his pictures below. In them he shows how he uses stacked ball weights to stretch his ball sac. He adds:  "I love having the different sizes! Makes it so easy to stack them having the narrow ones to use as spacers by spreading them apart to insert the larger ones."

It's working!


Testimonial:  Ball Weights from 32 to 56 Oz in 4 Days! How it's Done


He puts on a pair of 1/2" wide 8 Oz. ball weights, pulls them as far apart as possible, and then fits a wider 24 Oz. weight in between. He's alternating the traditional brushed style with the grooved PISTON ball weights. In the picture above he is rocking 3 1/2 lbs. / 1.59 kg stretching 3 1/2" / 8.9 cm on his ball sac. That's a lot of tug and twist! 



Testimonial:  Ball Weights from 32 to 56 Oz in 4 Days! Ready to Add the Last Weight


He continues:  "You can use these photos on your blog with my comments from my last email as well. I absolutely love having all the different sizes and using the smaller ball weights as “spacers” to stretch my ball sack so I can get the larger ball weights on! I have increased the ability of my max weight from 32 oz to 56 oz in less than 4 days by using the smaller weights. I only wish I had ordered one more of the plain finish 8 oz weights to use as a divider between my Piston Ball Weights. The pics I have attached go from 8 oz to 24 oz to 8 oz to 16 oz...my 48 oz combination. Feels absolutely amazing!!!

"...love all your products!!! I have a very large collection!!!"


Testimonial:  Ball Weights from 32 to 56 Oz in 4 Days!  3.5 lbs. of Twist & Tug!


After sending these pictures he decided to order some more weights. His last words on the subject:  "I decided to order a couple more ball weights in the brushed finish so I can do more contrast stacking of the weights. I really like the look of the two finishes stacked together. I haven't stopped wearing ball weights since I received my last order."


You can tell he loves the feeling of the weight on his ball sac. But you may be asking why any man would do this to his balls. Most guys who try even the lightest ball weight find that they enjoy the erotic tug, twist and pull on the balls. A little bit of ball tug feels great; more feels BETTER! 


So Why Wear a Ball Stretcher?

  1. Ball weights feel awesome as they tug your scrotum and stretch out your ball sac. 
  2. On Testosterone replacements? Put a ball weight or two on to keep the ball sac drop you already have! (Sadly, one of the side effects of testosterone replacement is ball shrinkage.)
  3. Ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting upwards when you reach orgasm--this delays, prolongs and increases the intensity of your orgasm. 
  4. Many men report that they have more cum when wearing a ball stretcher.
  5. In Tantric practice it is recommended that you stretch your balls manually (or use your ball weight) for several minutes a day for better sexual health and well-being. If you are looking to grow your ball sac, we recommend using lotion and manually stretching your balls after you take your weights off. This will help your sac stretch even faster.
  6. Many sexual partners report that they like the rhythm of the weight banging against them--another erogenous touch at a time when every nerve ending is hyper sensitive.
  7. When you have one (or more) ball weights on, your nads become even more sensitive to every touch, stroke, tickle, lick, nipple or slap.  You may find yourself whimpering with pleasure!
  8. Finally, when you take it off, you experience another sort of erogenous sensation--hop in a hot shower, soap up and start playing and tugging.  You may find there is another bullet in your gun!

Ready for some man-sized bull balls?!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(All photos by customer.)



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