Titan Cockring:


There is something incredibly sexy about a slow reveal. As the jeans slide slowly down the anticipation builds. Then all is revealed and your heart skips a beat. It's a moment of breathtaking beauty, exhilaration and excitement!

It's even more exciting when his dick is enhanced by a cockring. Chances are he is already thick and starting to bounce up to meet your eye.

The young stud below is wearing the Titan .2 cock ring around his pumped prick. Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, the Titan keeps the blood in your cock so you stay thicker (flaccid or erect). When you are horned up, you will be your hardest, thickest and longest and best self!


Titan Cockring:  "It exhilarates & enhances" by gear essentials


Chas from Philly wrote:  "My Titan.2 in 1 7/8" arrived in an attractive round, black metal box with Gear Essential's logo in relief on the lid. I chose the brilliant mirror finish. On opening, the piece dazzled like fine jewelry, so much so, I was convinced that it would make a striking gift. In active use, it proved to be exactly what I wanted.it for. It exhilarates and enhances."

The Titan series comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths (.2 inches, .4 inches & .6 inches). Today I’m wearing my Titan .4. It feels great and is keeping my flaccid dick thicker!  I love the schwing of the extra chub too! 

The Titan also comes in four bandwidths of glans rings—the .2, .4, .6 and .9. This adds to the party in your pants. Just want until you experience the sensation of the 'mini hand job in your pants!'

Want to keep your prick chubbed? Check out the Titan penis rings by gear essentials and bring on an exhilarating, enhanced and explosive sex life!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:   http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan


(Photo re-blogged from Tumblr. Chas is not pictured.)



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