Get Noticed with the Omega Cockring


Some men just own a room (or garden!) when they walk in. Everyone turns and notices when he enters. The stud pictured below is a man like that.

His cock is front, forward, center and lifted up for all to see and enjoy. You could say that his dick leads him wherever he goes. He also is wearing a ball stretcher. This pumps up his balls and wraps them in a tidy package--also lifting his prick even higher.

The dude's got attitude.

Rick from Chicago wrote the following review on “I actually own several styles and sizes (Surge, Imperial, Master & Omega) but after rigorous testing? Have decided I like the Omega the best. I currently own a 2" in the Omega but am going down incrementally to a 1 7/8" for the added effect (that 1/8" makes a difference!). Why do I like the Omega best? Several reasons... the weight is definitely a plus. The Imperial is close but... The shape too! The Imperial is fantastic comfort wise but for some reason? The intensity of the orgasms I get from the Omega seem to be significantly stronger. I suspect that it has something to do with how & where it sits that seems to give added stimulation to the exterior prostate in the perineum region? One other benefit to the Omega style (which won't apply to everyone) is that again, after rigorous testing of various styles, the Omega has the added benefit (For Her!) when She is on top, of providing additional clitoral stimulation that by account... Has caused her to "See Stars & nearly Pass Out" because of the intensity of Her Orgasms.... BRAVO!!!”


Get Noticed with the Omega Cockring:  Are You Pointing at me?


A cockring keeps your prick thicker, harder and stronger for better sex. Even when flaccid, your cock shows of its thicker self. And the sensation is amazing!


The Omega Cockring

A lot of gear essentials' customers tell us that they love the heft of the heavier cock rings.  One huge favorite is the Omega.  This classic is gear essentials' heaviest and weighs in at 11 Oz. / 312 grams.  They say it feels like a great big hug around the base of the dick. 

A favorite for body heat & made for the Alpha male, the Omega Series is the final word in cock rings. Massive yet surprisingly comfortable elements come together in the Omega Series. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are works of art.  Designed in the shape of a donut, it is blissfully smooth and will not pinch or rub you (or your partner) the wrong way. In fact, as Rick says, it will definitely rub your partner the right way!


Get Noticed with the Omega Cockring


The stud above is also wearing a ball stretcher. These can be made out of stainless steel, leather, Nitrile or Silicone. It's easy to find a look and feel that suits you. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy the sensation of tug and twist and delayed orgasm. It also stretches out your ball sac so you are more sensitive to every touch, tickle or lick! And the look and feel is impressive!

Your hot package will definitely get noticed! Make it a great day with the Omega cockring and a ball stretcher!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!









Omega Cock Ring:  




(Photos re-blogged from Tumblr. Rick is not pictured.)





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