I've been having a fun chat with the Cockring Buddha. He asked to post one of our pics. We were glad to do it--especially after reading his amazing blog. 

With his permission we are re-posting Cockring Buddha's blog in its entirety here (we took the liberty of adding a couple of photos):

Cockrings are also known to the sexually timid as penis rings, or as CR’s for short. The name cockring is actually a group of sex toys encompassing cock rings, shaft rings, glans rings, cock straps, and cock nooses, to name only a few. The primary purpose of a cockring is to increase erection strength, but different styles of rings contribute to this purpose in various ways, and may also add possibilities for the addition of other sexual pleasures. Cockrings have been in use for thousands of years, originally made of natural materials such as animal hide, stone, bone and wood. Today’s cockrings are typically made of steel, leather, silicone and other man made materials.
  1. How do cockrings work? - Blood flows to and from the body to the penis. The tissue of the penis fills with blood during arousal, and that blood becomes trapped in the penis as the engorged tissue compresses the veins that normally allow blood to flow back to the body. Thus a powerful erection occurs….. hopefully. But for a number of physical and psychological reasons, the proper amount of blood may not get trapped in the penis, causing a less than desirable woody. But never fear, the cockring is here!!! The blood flowing out of the penis flows close to the surface, whereas the blood flowing into the penis occurs deeper down in the tissue. So if we simply place a circular surface device around the penis, that presses against those veins that carry blood back to the body, therefore trapping the blood in the penis, the hardon is sustained!!!   That’s where the cockring enters the game. Magic happens, and with a bit of luck, sexy times ensue.
  2. How long can I wear a cockring? - A safe limit is 30 minutes to an hour, with a properly fitting cockring and a constant erection. If the cockring is too tight, and you begin to experience discomfort, common symptoms being coldness of the penis or a tingling sensation, remove it immediately. Also, never ever fall asleep while wearing a cockring, in case you get a spontaneous erection lasting longer than the prescribed maximum time limit, and damage your penis while snoozing. Some men wear a cock ring to push their testicles forward and to only slightly engorge their penis,  thus creating an inviting looking package in their pants, along with some rather pleasant physical arousal. They can wear their cock ring for hours on end without mishap. Maybe even all day long.
  3. What are the types of cockrings?
    1. Cock Ring (two words) - A ring through which the testicles and penis are passed.
      • Flexible Cock Ring – This ring is highly elastic in nature, allowing you to expand its size temporarily, while you place it around your erect cock and balls. After it’s on, the size shrinks and goes to work on your erection. Think of it as a specialized rubber band. These styles of rings tend to be very safe, as they can be easily removed when you’re finished with play. They do have a downfall though, in that their elastic nature sometimes prevents them from applying enough pressure to the veins of the penis. Conversely, they can also constrict too much if they are too tight, thus preventing blood flow into the penis. They come in all sorts of colors, sizes and crazy polymers. 
      • Rigid Cock Ring - It’s a tight squeeze, and you may cringe at the thought, but it can be done. It takes practice and bravery, but an average man can fit his junk through a metal ring just two inches in diameter. Cock rings are typically made of steel or aluminum, but are also made of solid silicone and plastic. The rigid cock ring, especially the steel cock ring, is pretty much the crème de la crème of cockrings. This is what the seasoned ring users prefer to wear. You have to measure yourself around your erect penis and testicles, in order to ensure proper sizing, but the rigidity of a steel ring ensures proper constriction of blood. Is there a downside? There are a couple. Because the size cannot temporarily be expanded, the penis must be flaccid when the ring is donned. So you have to put it on before arousal, not exactly allowing for spontaneity. If the ring is too large, the effect will be drastically reduced. If the ring is too small, a priapism can occur, where the erection does not go away after sex. A priapism is a dangerous condition, and can require a rather embarrassing trip to the emergency room for removal.
    2. Cock Strap - A strap, typically made of leather or synthetic materials, wraps around the cock and balls while erect. The strap typically fastens via snaps, hook and loop (Velcro) or a buckle. This is a very safe alternative to a steel ring, and also allows for spontaneity. Some cock straps are padded with sand to increase rigidity. Some are weighted with lead shot to provide added stimulation. Some have metal studs on the inside, and are used in the BDSM community as a type of torture. Some have ball stretchers and ball spreaders attached. Because they are sewn together, there are all sorts of bizarre options available. Cock straps come in various colors and adornments, but the most common form is the simple leather snap strap. When not in use, it can worn around the wrist as a bracelet.
    3. Shaft Ring - A ring worn around just the shaft of the penis, typically donned while erect, and made of steel, aluminum, silicone or various polymers. It is much easier to use than rigid cock ring. The tissue in your cock shaft has a fair amount of give to it, so sizing of a more rigid shaft ring is not as important as with a rigid cock ring. Close is cool. 1 ½” in diameter is the norm.
      • Jelly Ring - This is the cheapo ring that you find at the pharmacy, and is most people’s first exposure to cock rings. It’s usually one size fits all, and stretches over the penis. It may do a good job. It may do nothing, depending on how large it is, and how much it stretches. This is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in the cock ring world. This is truly slumming it. They break easily, and the large size takes up valuable room on your shaft that could be put to far more penetrative use. They sometimes have cheap vibrators attached, which the ladies enjoy.
      • Nitrile O-Ring - You can buy them online or even at the hardware store. They are strong, don’t stretch much, are crazy cheap, reasonably body safe, and don’t take up much room on the shaft. They’re probably the best bang for the buck in the world of cockrings.
      • Rigid Shaft Ring - This is a simple band, usually made of steel or aluminum, that slips over your erection. The rigidity makes it very functional.
      • Stretch Shaft Ring – Pretty much like a jelly ring, but made of a less elastic material, typically silicone. Some have small vibrators attached. They work better than a jelly ring, but not as well as a nitrile or steel shaft ring.
    4. Noose - Nooses are usually made of silicone, and wrap around your balls and cock, or even just your cock. A locking or non-locking slide tightens the noose. They often stretch a bit, so they’re only somewhat effective, but they are very versatile, infinitely adjustable and easy to remove. A good option for timid first timers.
    5. Glans Ring - The glans ring slips onto the shaft, just behind the glans. The glans corona prevents the ring from slipping back over the head when erect. This is not a true cockring, as it does not help to maintain an erection, but has a similar effect in that it causes constriction and swells the head of your cock.
  4. Do I need a cock ring or a shaft ring? - I think it depends on what you want the ring to do for you. A shaft ring, when put on while you're at your maximum hardness, will maintain the full length of your erection, and actually make you even harder. You'll go from 100% to 150% hardness. The shaft ring will also add crazy amounts of texture to your hardon. It'll feel like you're flexing your dick muscles. A cock ring is a bit different. I personally find that the resulting erection is sometimes slightly shorter in length than a normal hardon, but the girth of my cock will definitely grow. It'll be fatter than usual. Hardness will be good, but not quite as good as a shaft ring. A cock ring will also put pressure on other areas of your groin, increasing pleasure for yourself. And if sized properly, you can wear a cock ring during the day in public, enjoy the added sexual stimulation, and show off your bulge to the world. But to put it simply, a shaft ring will give you a cock that feels like a length of steel rebar. A cock ring will turn your dick into a full water balloon. Full length and texture, or added pleasure and girth? It's your call.
  5. Ouch, my pubes are getting pulled!!! - Dude, just start grooming. Cock rings are legendary for pulling long pubic hairs. Groom it all short or shave it. No more pain, and your girl will probably thank you.
  6. How do I get this thing on? - There is a definite procedure for donning a rigid cock ring. It helps to have loose sagging testicles, so men often put it on while in the shower, after the hot water has loosened up their scrotum. A little bit of slippery soap helps immeasurably. If you’re not in the shower, baby powder works wonders for reducing drag on your junk. Stay away from using lube on the ring, as it can cause the ring to accidentally slip back off, and who wants sticky junk?
    You start by pushing the lowest hanging ball through the ring. Then pull through as much loose scrotum as possible. Next you’ll push the second ball through the ring, and pull through the remaining skin from your scrotum. That last ball is the hardest part. It takes practice. Afterward, just shove your flaccid dick through the remaining space and pull the ring down tight. The dick shoving sounds nasty, but a flaccid penis is very flexible and easy to work through the ring.


(Photo appears courtesy of gear essentials)
  1. It’s stuck!!! - Now you’ve done it. You bought a rigid cock ring that’s too small, and your dick won’t deflate. You have a priapism. Try taking a relaxing shower. Think about anything other than your cock. Do math in your head. Whatever it takes to lose that wood. If you can’t deflate, suck it up and go to the emergency room. It’ll be embarrassing and expensive, but they have the tools to cut the ring off without you losing your dick in the process. But hurry, as the permanent damage clock is now ticking away.
  2. Which kind of ring should I start with? - That’s up to you. If money is a big issue, buy a nitrile o-ring. If the sky is the limit, try a high quality leather cock strap from a specialty store, or a steel shaft ring. A silicone stretch cock ring can also be very effective, as is a silicone noose.
  3. What are your personal recommendations, as of today? - If you don’t like visiting hardware stores and wearing plumbing parts, the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is a very good starter cock ring. For an even better quality hardon, the 665 Chubby Leather Cock Strap is awesome. If you’re thinking about a rigid steel cockring, start with a Tantus Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced silicone C-Ring first, depending on your size measurements. If you go too small, you can cut it off with scissors. Once you’re confident of your size, head to Gear Essentials. They make absolutely fantastic steel cockrings. If you want the best shaft ring money can buy, and are of close to normal girth, Gear Essentials makes the Titan Shaft Ring, the best shaft ring yet made. There is no better.
  4. Are cockrings gay? - I totally understand the question. Once you look past the cheapo jelly rings and straps, all of the good rings and straps are typically found at sex stores that sell primarily to the gay community. That’s because gay men know a whole lot more about male sexual pleasure than the stifled hetero community. Avert your eyes from the pictures and clear your browser cache!!! But really, just suck it up (see what I did there?) and buy a good cock ring. You won’t turn gay if you don’t want to. But you will buy a better class of cock ring, and maybe lose your homophobia in the process. These specialty stores are run by some very good people.
  5. It didn’t work - Assuming that you bought a ring of the proper size, you might still go soft. Blood has to flow into the penis for the cockring to work. If you had a blood flow issue, the cock ring had nothing to trap in your dick. Relax and try again in a few days. If you have a legitimate medical issue, go see your doctor for alternatives.
  6. Will a cock ring help with premature ejaculation? - Maybe. The ring will prevent your testicles from fully scooting up to your abdomen as you get close to cumming, so it could theoretically make you last longer. On the other side of the coin, the constriction causes greater swelling of your cock, which could make it more sensitive. Opinions vary on this subject.
  7. Will a cockring give me a better orgasm? - It will give you a different type of orgasm. Under normal conditions, you strongly ejaculate as you orgasm, and it only lasts for a few seconds. A cockring can partially pinch off the flow of semen as you orgasm, causing full ejaculation to take longer. The result is a much longer yet slightly less intense orgasm. Also, the pinching off can help a person to have multiple dry orgasms before a final orgasm to ejaculation. But this takes knowledge, practice, and a lot of self control to achieve.
  8. Will it make my cock longer? – It won’t make your cock any longer. Only Scarlet Johansson has that power.
  9. Are there any other benefits to using one? - A rigid cock ring will press against the bulbus penis (you have more cock than meets the eye, underneath your skin and below your balls.) putting pressure on your pelvic floor muscles, creating added stimulation. Some cockrings also have added protrusions such as butt plugs, ball stretchers, perineum stimulators and urethral plugs. If that fits your kink, double your fun! If your woman likes vibe on her clit, a vibrating cock ring pressed against her in missionary position could make her extremely happy.
  10. Will my dick look better with a ring on it? - If it’s a good quality ring, I’d say that the odds are in your favor.  If it’s a giant cheap jelly ring……. probably not. But that’s just my opinion.
  11. Can I wear more than one? – Surely. People often “stack” steel cockrings to create an extra wide band. You can also wear a cock ring, shaft ring and a glans ring simultaneously. You make look like a naked Terminator robot, but you’ll definitely have some fun.
  12. Am I too young or too old to wear a cock ring? - Nope. All men want a better hardon, regardless of age.
  13. Are they good for masturbation? – Oh yes. They certainly are. They are freaking awesome for rubbing one out.
  14. Should I wear one on the first date? - That’s a tough call. It depends on the girl. If you sense that she’s a freak under the sheets, go for it. But more vanilla girls might get weirded out. If you need a ring to stay hard, maybe mention it before you start playing ring toss.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


More about the Cockring Buddha:

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Bio:  "In order to make my reviews more useful, I highly encourage you to make personal comparisons to myself, in order to draw more useful conclusions as to the suitableness of a certain product to your own use. I am a white male heterosexual in my mid-forties. I am of slightly above average girth and length in penis size. I was circumcised at birth, but show no loss of sensitivity to my penis. I am a grower, not a shower. I have a rather pronounced glans corona. I regularly shave my balls, cock and asshole for both hygienic and aesthetic purposes. I have no problem gaining and maintaining erections. I am in good health, and display a higher than average level of cardiovascular fitness."


To read more:  http://thecockringbuddha.blogspot.com/p/cock-rings-101.html?zx=83417506d3b95d72  


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Cock rings are the hottest, sexiest, sex-enhancing accessory a man can try, short of a good partner. I’ve got a 4 pc.collection of steel Gear Essentials rings and countless other leather and softer straps. They’re in rotating use with my partner and for solo play. This 63 yr. old male wouldn’t even consider playing without them!

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