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Gear Essentials Imperial

Cockring Buddha Review:  Imperial Upon Arrival


This is the last of my current Gear Essentials rings to be reviewed, and it’s a big one. Literally, this is a big cock ring. The Gear Essentials Imperial is a large steel ring, weighing in at a hefty 6.05 ounces [171.5 grams]. You can’t truly appreciate how massive a good steel cock ring is until you’ve held one in your hand. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by it at first.

Not only is it hefty, but it’s beautiful. The steel has a mirror finish, and is cosmetically perfect. Machined from a solid rod of 303 stainless steel, the Imperial is truly a jewelry quality cockring. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. Gear Essentials cockrings are just a thousand times more classy than your garden variety sex rings. There was not a visible scratch or a dent on mine when it arrived, and it is still cosmetically perfect after extensive use. It has no visible seam like you’d find on a cheap steel ring. It's also made in USA, which is a big selling point for me. 


Cockring Buddha Review:  Imperial - Measuring Up!


I guess that I should back up a bit, and tell my story. My purchase of the Imperial started with taking proper measurements. By using the sizing guide from Gear Essentials website, and a cloth measuring tape (way more accurate than a piece of string), I arrived at somewhere between 2 inches and 1 7/8 inches as my perfect cockring size. Jay from Gear Essentials provided a ton of email help and support along the way, and I eventually opted for the 1 7/8 inch ring, as the Imperial’s shape makes it rather forgiving in terms of sizing.

Still not totally comfortable with the idea of a steel cockring, I purchased a Tantus Intermediate silicone C-Ring in the same 1 7/8” size. I figured that if the Tantus fit properly, then an Imperial in an identical size would also fit. If the Tantus ended up being too small, and I couldn’t get it back off, I could just cut it off with a pair of scissors. No power tools required!!! Fortunately, everything worked out. The Tantus fit just fine, if maybe a tad too wide for my tastes. A ruler showed the Tantus as being a touch wider than the Imperial, so I was confident that I was headed in the right direction with a .6 inch width Imperial as my final destination.

Once the Imperial arrived, I was blown away. Packaged in a black metal tin, embossed with the Gear Essentials logo, I really felt like I was getting the deluxe treatment. And inside of the tin was a………. monster freaking ring!!!!  Even after trying the Tantus silicone ring, I wasn’t expecting the Imperial to be so massive. The shiny finish, combined with the weight of the steel, makes for an incredibly manly looking toy. It was love at first sight.


Cockring Buddha Review:  the Author in His Imperial 


The first time I tried on the Imperial, I sort of held my breath and took a leap of faith. I was confident that I’d gotten the size right, but was still just a bit apprehensive. I definitely got a wake-up call the minute the Imperial touched my closely shaved balls. Damn that ring was cold!!!  Well, the cold actually felt really good to me. I’m a sucker for temperature play. Getting the first ball through was no problem. The second ball took a bit more work, but it eventually popped through. I did need a bit of baby powder to stuff my flaccid cock through the ring. Between the cold sensation and the thrill of a new ring, I was getting a bit physically excited, which surely did not help the cause. But I did manage to get it on with a minimum of effort, and then I snugged it down tight.

Ahhhhh…… The second it snugged down, the bottom of the ring pressed against my bulbous penis (the root of your cock, inside of your body, underneath your balls), and put pressure on my pelvic floor, creating a wave of pleasure that traveled throughout my entire body. I felt my cock start to chub up, and I just kind of sat back and experienced an incredible sense of euphoria. It was absolutely amazing. I continued to wear the Imperial for another 2 hours straight, completely lost in the experience. I eventually took it back off, just because I couldn’t focus on anything other than the ring and what it was doing to my body.

Did my trial run cause any problems? If you don’t count crazy amounts of pleasure as being a bad thing, then the experience was pretty much a total success. The extreme sensations did start a regular flow of precum from the head of my cock, which eventually ended up leaving a big wet spot on my jeans. Oops!!! That was a first time thrill tough, and the Imperial has directly caused any similar incidents since that first time. I’ve also learned to either put the ring on while I’m in the shower, using soap to lube it, or to apply baby powder to both my cock and balls before donning the ring. You definitely want a friction free experience. Between the two methods, the shower and soap routine is definitely the easiest and least messy way to go.


Cockring Buddha Review:  the Imperial - Slippery When Wet! 


I’ve also learned to wear baggier jeans when wearing the Imperial. It really pushes my balls and cock forward, showing a rather noticeable package through my pants. And the swelling in my cock just makes it stick out even more. It is a bit of a thrill, to go out in public while showing a fine bulge in my crotch, but I try not to do it at work.


Cockring Buddha Review:  Imperial -- "Sex is SOOOOOOO Good!"

If all of this positive experience wasn’t enough, I eventually got around to sex while wearing the Imperial. Oh baby!!!!  This ring swells my cock up beautifully!!!  With a bit of stimulation, it gets my dick fucking fat, and hard, and veiny, and purple, and awesome!!!! Sex is sooooooo good with the Imperial. I can be totally focused on my girl for an hour straight, without her ever messing with me, and just soak in the goodness caused by wearing the Imperial. I can grind away the bottom of the ring against her leg, and get a nice swell and some serious pleasure. But when she finally grabs my balls and sucks my cock, it is on!!! The hardness is fantastic. And seeing myself so swollen, that deep purple cock next to that shiny steel ring, is a complete rush. When we start fucking, we’re both feeling the love. I’m stretching her out. The ring makes my cock so sensitive, I’m feeling every pulse of her pussy. She’s loving that feeling of extra fullness. And cumming lasts a long, long time. The orgasm just seems to go on forever. I can keep pumping away, long after I’ve shot my load. The whole experience transcends the typical sexual encounter. It turns it into an event, a sensual nirvana with an almost spiritual element. This is what sex is meant to be. Fulfilling would be my most accurate description, although words really don’t do it justice.


Cockring Buddha Review:  Imperial -- "I've become positively obsessed..."

I will mention that the Imperial isn’t a ring that I just slip off after sex. I have to wait for the swelling to go down before I can even think about squeezing my junk back through. But that’s okay with me. It’s pretty cool to have a nice swell going, long after sexy times have ended. If I have to enjoy the pleasure for a half hour longer, while my hardon slowly deflates, who am I to complain?

I’ve become positively obsessed with wearing the Imperial. I’ve wear it for 13 or 14 hours straight, day after day. I wear it at work. I wear it out on the town. I wear it at home. Bus rides are particularly pleasurable now. The Imperial is a remarkably comfortable cock ring. The curves are just right, never causing any pinching. The steel construction never rubs me raw, unlike some of my silicone rings. The .6 inch width is absolutely perfect. About the only time I don’t wear it is at bedtime, since it could technically cause a dangerous erection problem while I’m asleep.

Just go out and buy an Imperial. Measure yourself carefully. Try a similarly sized silicone ring first, if you’re a wimp like me. Order a steel cock ring from Gear Essentials. I’m absolutely kicking myself for having lost months of pleasure, because I held off making the purchase for so long. The Imperial is worth the price within a minute of wearing it. Even if you never get your dick near a pussy while wearing it, it’s still worth buying. You get some seriously deep pleasure from this ring, and it makes your cock look fucking awesome. Even stroking off is better when wearing an Imperial. Who doesn’t want some extra confidence in their life? Who doesn’t want to feel like a live fucking machine, that can be ready at a moment’s notice? Who doesn’t want to feel like a total stud? I love my Imperial, and I’m going to wear the hell out of it. I’m aDICKted to it!!!


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