Cockring Buddha Review:  Titan Shaft & Glans Rings


Cockring Buddha has kindly invited us to repost his blogs. Today's blog, the fourth we have reposted, is about his experience with the Titan shaft and head rings. 


Gear Essentials Titan Glans/Shaft Rings

Cockring Buddha:  Titan Glans Ring "jewelry...with serious function built in"

I'm really stoked about some new steel cock rings that I've recently purchased. I'd been researching good steel rings for quite some time, but was never brave enough to actually pull the trigger. Well I finally got up the courage, and am sooooooo happy that I did. Gear Essentials makes cock rings of extraordinary quality. It's pretty much jewelry quality stuff to adorn your manhood, but with some serious function built in. Two rings that I've particularly enjoyed are the Titan glans and shaft rings. 

After some email back and forth with Jay of Gear Essentials, I settled on a Titan steel 1-1/2" shaft ring that has a .40" bandwidth and a brushed finish. I also ordered a Titan steel 1-3/16" glans ring with a .20" bandwidth, also in a brushed finish. Jay was absolutely awesome to work with, and really knows his stuff. 

The hardest part of the whole ordeal, yet coincidentally the most fun, was the measurement process. My most awesome girl, also known as my only girl, also known as my loving wife, was required to help with the measuring. For the glans ring, I basically whipped out my flaccid dick and had her measure my glans corona with a cloth measuring tape. This was not easy to do. First off, my corona is not even close to an exact circle. Second, the minute my cock hits my wife’s hand, it does not stay exactly flaccid. But we did the best we could, and got a measurement. I wasn’t too worried, as my corona is rather pronounced. The theory here is that the glans ring is placed onto your dick, and sits just behind the glans. The corona prevents the ring from slipping off. If you get the sizing right, the glans ring won’t fall off when you’re at your smallest, and will work its magic when you get a hard-on. 


Cockring Buddha:  Titan .6 Glans & Omega "jewelry...with serious function"


Then I had the pleasure of watching her try to make my cock as rock hard and swollen as humanly possible. She is absurdly talented with her oral and manual skills, and quickly gave me a raging boner. Once I was wickedly erect, she wrapped the measuring tape around the fattest part of my cock, which for me is at the base, to get a maximum girth measurement. This measurement was used for sizing the shaft ring. As luck would have, I was just a bit over 1 1/2” in girth, so the Titan shaft ring would be a perfect fit.


Cockring Buddha Review:  Titan Glans Ring on an Uncut Cock

Within just a couple days of ordering, I had a USPS attempted delivery slip in my mailbox. I made a journey to my local post office the next morning to retrieve my toys. So there I was on Saturday morning, walking into the post office of my small town, where everybody knows everybody. As I strolled up to the counter with my seemingly innocent delivery slip, I thought to myself, "I wonder if the packaging is discreet? Or will the box have a giant dayglo sticker advertising 'COCK RINGS FOR MEN WHO LOVE TO DECORATE THEIR DICKS'?" As luck would have it, the box was eminently discrete, showing no clue as to its contents. This detail was greatly appreciated. I'm definitely not the type to hide my sexuality, but a certain amount of discretion is very much appreciated.

The rings were supposed to be a Christmas present, but let’s face it; a cock ring in a stocking is of no use to anyone. Within two days of receipt, those precious rings of steel were sliding onto my dick. I was already half hard when I put on the glans ring, but didn’t have too much trouble. It took a few seconds to stuff my rapidly engorging cock head through the glans ring, but once it passed over the glans, it nestled in nicely behind my corona. It was loose enough that I could spin it at that point, but there was no chance of it falling off by accident. After a ton of foreplay with my wife, the glans ring had tightened down like a vice. I watched on for a while as my wife teased the head of my cock, and ran her tongue playfully around the glans ring, trying to make my cock head as fat as possible. The constriction was visually noticeable, and felt really good. 


Cockring Buddha Review:  Titan Head Rings - 3 Cocks, 3 Sizes


The shaft ring was next. I thought this would be tough to don, but it was a snap. I carefully worked it over my corona, and then over the glans ring, being careful not to scratch them, and then slowly worked it down the shaft of my cock. It was snug, but with a little effort, I worked it all the way down to the base. Once it was in place, my dick swelled right up, and got all of that legendary veiny texture that cock rings are so well known for. It was a thing of beauty and I could literally feel the skin on my dick stretch tight. It was awesome.


Cockring Buddha Review:  Titan Shaft Rings: Keeping It PUMPED!


Penetration while wearing both rings was amazing. It felt so good to screw doggie style, while I was so incredibly hard and swollen. I could move very slowly in long stokes, using the added texture on my shaft to rub up against the inside of my wife’s pussy. The corona of my swollen glans was very noticeable to my wife, and made her super-hot for my cock.  Fortunately, the glans ring did a great job in covering up the very sensitive frenulum on the underside of my cock, so I was able to extend the fucking further, instead of prematurely tipping over the edge. I managed to just take my time, edging both of us along, slowly pumping my thick prick into her, and feeling my balls begin to tighten up. Unlike thicker rubber and silicone shaft rings, the Titan was thin enough that I didn't feel like I was losing valuable cock length from the shaft ring getting in the way of my long strokes. When she couldn’t take any more, and started reflexively backing up onto my dick, I started thrusting my full length into her, going balls deep, and finally blasting my load. The orgasm was mind blowing for both of us. Instead of quickly shooting my cum into her and deflating, the orgasm just went on and on, and I stayed hard enough that I could keep on thrusting. I finally stopped pumping while I was deep inside of her, letting my twitching dick head tease her for a few minutes more. When I finally pulled out, it was cream pie city. 

Cleanup afterward was a snap. Much quicker than caring for various jelly and silicone rings, washing and drying them, while trying not to completely cover them in lint. The steel rings were a simple wash and towel dry. No muss, no fuss.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m quite enamored with the Gear Essentials Titan rings. This was my first hard glans ring, and my first steel shaft ring. The shaft ring, for me at least, is absolute perfection. I can’t imagine it getting any better. The Titan swelled my cock to epic proportions, made the veins pop out nicely, and never became uncomfortable. The edges were well rounded, so there was no pinching or scratching. It rocked my world, as well as my wife’s.

I have already ordered a slightly smaller glans ring though. The 1-3/16” ring works great for me during sex, swelling my cock head nicely, yet helping me to control ejaculation. But during a long walk on a cold winter day, I noticed that the ring was maybe a smidge too large for all-day wear, threatening to fall off as I strolled along. It hasn’t fallen off yet, but was a little too close for comfort. Going a touch smaller should give me a bit of extra security in that department, and maybe even enhance the sex slightly more, if that is even possible. 

Here's an added pic of me wearing both rings, as I started to soften up after a fun solo session. The picture should give you a good idea of optimal shaft ring positioning. 

Cockring Buddha: Shaft & Glans Ringed



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