Ball Weight Stacking on Low Hangers

It is no secret that I love my ball weights. I thought they were too 'fetish-y' for a guy like me but the first time I put one on I got the stiffest boner!

I love feeling the 8 ounce ball stretcher tugging and twisting my nuts as I wear it throughout the day. It gives me a constant chubby.

I also put on a 24 ouncer for play. In fact I was able to upsize to the 24 ounce ball weight by stacking an 8 ounce and 16 ounce together. The 24 ounce weight was too difficult to wrap around my nuts (due to the 1 1/2" bandwidth of the weight) but by stacking, I was able to stretch to fit. That was a pretty fun day!


Stacking for a More Intense Tug: the 8 & 24 Ounce Ball Stretchers


There are a lot of benefits to wearing a Ball Weight:

  1. It gives you an erotic tug and twist when worn throughout the day or when at play.
  2. It pulls your scrotum, which according to tantric practitioners is life-giving--both for your general health and sexual performance.
  3. When fucking it bounces against your partner's erogenous zones.
  4. It delays your orgasm. Your balls cannot retract upwards when you are ready to cum so your orgasm lasts longer and it's more intense.

We make all of our solid stainless steel ball weights right here in Minnesota, USA--so you know they are good! ENJOY the benefits of a ball stretcher.

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Hi, Minotaur! We LOVE Ball Stacking! We don’t have any videos on ball stacking (yet!) but we posted pictures and blogs of stacking on the following dates in 2013: May 25, April 17, April 6, February 25, February 15 & January 17. There were two posts in 2012 on November 21 (both were of Erich—we are HUGE fans of him!)

The “How To” is pretty simple. As an example, when I stacked two weights to get to 24 ounces, I started with the largest weight first. In this case, it was the 16 ounce ball stretcher. Once that was on, it ‘contained’ my balls (so I didn’t have to worry about squeezing them together to get the next weight on) and the weight of it pulled my nads down and out of the way. When putting just one weight on I always recommend keeping it slightly screwed in so the screw acts as a ‘hinge’. That way you don’t have to worry about getting two sides connected—just the one. I did this for the first ball weight (the 16 ounce). When putting on the second ball weight, I completely unscrew it (because there isn’t enough room to swing the weight around on it’s ‘hinge’ point. So I slid the second ball stretcher on just above the 16 ounce weight, fit the two sides together, made sure my ‘tender’ ballsac skin was out of the way and squeezed the two halves together. Once that was done I put the screw in and tightened (stopping to make sure there was no skin caught mid-way through the process). It’s pretty easy actually. (And this process is easiest when you are hot and fresh out of a shower, sauna, etc. When you are hot your balls DROP!)

At that time, if I had tried to get the 24 ounce ball stretcher on, I don’t think I could have done it. I wasn’t stretched far enough to enable me to grab enough skin between my balls and the base of my dick to get it all through the 1 1/2" tunnel created when you close the ball weight. By breaking it into two steps (with two different ball weights) it was easier because the heavier weight assisted in getting the lighter weight on (because it pulled my balls down and out of the way).

In no time I was able to ‘graduate’ to the larger 24 ounce ball weight. The next step for me? The 32! (I’ll let you know how that goes!)

Hope this helps!



Any more pics / video instructions how to put them on? Any pics of friends/other GearEssential clients who wear more weight?

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