Dustin Reviews the Torque C Ring:


We received the following e-mail from Dustin this weekend: "I wanted to share with you that the Torque cock ring is my favorite of the line of cock rings I've purchased from Gear Essentials. I love the way it looks and feels!"

Dustin was kind enough to send not one but FOUR pictures of his hard dick in his Torque cockring for us to share with you!

Dustin is Just Getting Started: His Dick is Getting Harder in the Torque C Ring



It looks like Dustin is enjoying himself, doesn't it?



Dustin is Keeping it Vertical with the Torque Cock Ring by gear essentials


Like all of our cockrings, the Torque keeps the blood flow IN your dick so you stay harder, thinker, longer and more sensitive. There is nothing like the feeling of your chubbed up dick when you have a cock ring on. If you are like me, your prick will absolutely tingle. At this point I don't like masturbation or sex without it. It gives you an extra boost, an extra depth of sensitivity and much MORE material to work with!



The Torque Penis Ring is .6 Inches Wide for Added Weight & Support


The Torque is keeping his prick thick.


Dustin Shot His Load--& He's Still Hard Up In His Torque by gear essentials


True confessions: I think the Torque is one of our most beautiful cock rings. It looks so elegant on. I realize it's not butch like the Master or Beefy like the Omega but it is just an elegant look. Want to be remembered for your style and class? The Torque C ring will do it! As part of our Contour Line its architectural style is crafted from solid stainless steel. At our recent photo shoot we added a Titan .2 cock ring on either side of the Torque for an astonishingly elegant and hefty one-inch bandwidth. (We'll be posting that picture soon!) Truly, the Torque cock ring is what the best dressed tool is wearing!

gear essentials....Sex is Better Here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Torque Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/torque



(Photos by Dustin.)




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