Looking for a hot sock to hold your junk?!

The Double Crossed Slingshot Jock from the sexy boys at Timoteo is a hot look. This sexy low-rise jock features a package-cradling and size enhancing front pouch. It supports yet expands when your equipment hardens. It also gives you plenty of room for your favorite cock rings and ball stretchers.


The Double Crossed Slingshot Jock by Timoteo in Black. Available at gear essentials


In addition, the wide tri-color support straps frame and lift your ass cheeks for your best ever first--or last impression! But the bad boys at Timoteo have topped themselves! For the first time they are offering an actual elastic support strap to mimic the lift offered by traditional jockstraps (remember your middle school locker room...?) The Double Crossed Slingshot Jock will leave your ass looking higher and firmer than ever before--and all in the high style that we've learned to expect from CellBlock 13!

Fabricated of 96% cotton (great breathability) and 4% Spandex (for good stretch and support), this jock will make what you've got look even better!

And it's made in the USA.

Want more info?  Check it out @ http://gearessentials.com/collections/apparel/products/double-crossed-slingshot-jock

Check it out and ENJOY!



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