The Snap Leather C Ring:  A Great First Taste


It's no secret that I love cock rings. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel and I love the way they make my dick feel. When I am wearing one of my vast collection of cockrings my dick is fuller and heavier. When I get hard I get really, really hard! My sensitivity to touch is heightened too. The merest brush of skin on skin sends goose bumps up and down my cock, through my groin and up through my body. You know it’s amazing when you get whole-body shivers!

Back in the day (after I tossed my corroding chrome cock ring aside in disgust) I started wearing leather snap cock rings. I would wear them until they practically walked by themselves. Stiff at first, with regular wearing (and sweating—as well as other body fluids) these leather straps mellow into a comfortable ‘band of loving’ around the base of your dick.

I have spoken to a number of guys who are afraid of ‘rigid’ or metal penis rings. They are afraid that once they get it on and get a woody they will be trapped forever—and maybe they will have to face an embarrassing trip to the ER. If that’s your fear, forget about it! Try leather. Just unsnap it and it’s off. (You can also put it on after you get hard—sometimes that comes in handy when opportunity knocks and you just aren’t prepared…)

Of course, it has a completely different feel from stainless steel or aluminum but it is a great first step until you feel comfortable trying more.


A Great First Taste: The Leather Snap C Ring


We carry a couple of styles in leather. The most popular is the 5-snap in black or blue. Check it out here:

Whether you are interested in a first cock ring or want to add variety to your toy chest, check out the leather snap cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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