What I’m Wearing Today:  The Full Screw C Ring


I often get asked which cock ring is my favorite. That's a tough one. I'm lucky because I AM the kid who works in the candy store! I love the weight of the stainless steel rings but I am also very enamored with the comfort of the aluminum .6-inch width rings when I’m wearing tight underwear or jeans.

However, yesterday I needed a change. I slipped on the Full Screw cockring. The Full Screw, while light (aluminum), can be a bit more challenging to put on (it’s .9-inches wide so you have to get your balls and shaft through a longer ‘tunnel’). It takes a bit of patience but I put it on in a hot shower so my junque was hanging low. I stepped out of the shower and caught a glimpse of the ring in the mirror. I have to say, the mass of metal looked impressive.

I put on tight underwear, got dressed and started my day.

I have been amazed at how comfortable this ring is. I hadn’t road-tested it since we introduced it last year but here I am still wearing it (and haven’t taken it off since yesterday!) It’s kept my dick chubbed (like a good penis ring should) and it’s so comfortable I keep forgetting I even put it on. I won’t be taking this off anytime soon!


Comfort, Style AND Performance:
The Full Screw C Ring by gear essentials


So, most importantly, how’s the sex? Well, my partner has been out of town so I’ve been whacking. Masturbation (in combination with my Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream) has been wonderful. My dick is hard, full and super-sensitive to the touch. I’ve been cumming buckets.

It’s at times like these when I wonder why some men don’t even wear a cock ring. Why wouldn’t you?!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Full Screw Cockring:http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/full-screw 


(Photo by Richard Yates.) 



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