Put a Fork in it!


I know a lot of folks who have put interesting things up their urethra but this one might just take the cake!

(But wait! “What is a urethra?” you ask. This is the tube that starts at your bladder and culminates at your ‘piss slit’. Frankly, it’s where your pee comes from.

The act of putting things up your urethra is called ‘Sounding’. Sounding is an increasingly common sexual activity—there are a whole lot of happy tingly nerves in there (I tried to Google just how many there might be but had no luck—anyone know?) A sound is a medical probe that is designed to enlarge the urethra to eliminate blockages. Of course, if there is a way to elicit pleasure we are going to figure it out—hence sounding: the practice of sexually stimulating the nerve-endings inside the urethra.

This guy is apparently a DIY-sounder. He stuck a fork in it.


The X-Ray of the 70-year-old Australian With a Fork up His Wanker


Huffington Post supplied the information for this blog—as well as the copy of the X-Ray. My favorite line from the article: Men of the world, here's a piece of advice: There are many ways to bring happiness to your Johnson, but sticking a fork into it isn't one of them.”

We have seen pictures and video of sounds (metal and rubber), nails, knitting needles, small candles (now THAT takes the cake—or should sit on top of it), fishing lures shaped like worms, pens and long paint brush handles.


Jesse Shows How It Should Be Done: Sterilized Sound & Plenty of Lube


This story ends happily however. It was removed “using forceps and ‘copious lubrication’.” (Remember, it pays to lubricate.)

Just remember friends, sound safely! (And make sure whatever you stick up there has been disinfected. Urinary tract infections are a bitch.)

Check out the full story here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/19/fork-in-penis_n_3779392.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular

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(Photo Credits: X-Ray by Huffington Post, Jesse re-posted from Tumblr.) 



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