When I’m floating on the water in the pool my hands always seem to find my dick. Isn’t it interesting how our hands conveniently end right there?

The warmth of the sun; the cool, lapping water of the pool and a gentle breeze tickling my inner thighs always makes me horny. And of course I am always wearing my cock ring. The Titan .2 is a great size—it doesn’t leave a tan line!


The Perfect Pool Toy: The Titan .2 C Ring by gear essentials


The Titan .2 is a solid stainless steel ring that will last you years. There is no chrome coating to peel or corrode. You can wear it in the pool or hot tub (just rinse of thoroughly if they are treated with bromides). The Titan is known for its clean lines and simplicity of style. It comes in two finishes: Mirror or Brushed.

The Titan is also available in .4 inch and .6 inch bandwidths. This is a great cockring for stacking with other Titans or other styles for a wider look and style that is uniquely yours.

This is a great ring—we wouldn’t toy with you!

Check it out here:

Gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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Written by Jay — August 26, 2013

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