Triple Ringed!


This guy has it all going on! He is ‘Triple Ringed’: Cock ring, glans ring and ball weight.

He just might suffer from sensory overload!


The Cock Ring: The cock ring restricts blood from leaving his dick so when excited he is harder, longer and more sensitive. Even when flaccid your dick stays bigger. There is a different sensation when wearing a cockring—an awareness of the power between your legs.

He is wearing the amazing Torque penis ring. Part of gear essentials Contour line of architecturally sculpted cock rings, it is solid, sexy and distinctive with a wide pattern and bandwidth (.6 inches / 15 mm wide).


The Ball Weight: is our newest—just introduced late this past spring—the PISTON! He is wearing the 16 ounce / one-inch bandwidth. Since introducing our first ball stretchers (still available in brushed finish) we have found that this size is one of our top sellers. It is secured with one screw so you can have more confidence that it will hang tough with you through thick or thin (soon I will share a story about my field testing of a magnetic model; it wasn’t so good!)

The PISTON is easily worn and fills your pants for a swing and bounce that will get you notice—and you will notice it too! With every step you will feel an erotic tug to your balls. And orgasms are much more intense: your ball sac can’t retract prior to cumming so your ejaculation is delayed and intensified! BONUS!


Triple Ring: Torque C Ring, Titan .2 Glans Ring & PISTON Ball Weight


The Glans Ring: The Titan .2 (5 mm) just came out last this past spring as well. You have been asking so we crafted five new styles! The Titan is the lightest of the stainless steel rings. Because of its stainless construction, you will feel its weight when you are wearing boxers or going commando. It weighs you down so you look longer when flaccid. And it feels great!

Like our other head rings, these fit perfectly beneath the corona of your penis. They are the best quality we haveseen--the safest metal for your family jewels and long-lasting--like YOU! The Titans also feature our exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent the ring from slipping off. Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. These rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings. Put them on and you will stand out!


Whether your go for one ring or the triple crown, you will find greater pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by David Lee: )



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