All That Glitters!


This massive cock is massively decorated with a lot of man-bling. He is wearing the PISTON ball weight, stacked cock rings (the Half Screw and Full Screw) and the Titan .2 glans ring.

But he can handle it!


All That Glitters: Four Rings Bring Four Times the Pleasure!


The Ball Weight:   This is the lightest ball stretcher gear essentials offers and the best selection for someone new to ball weights. It is the easiest to put on and is great for all day wear. The PISTON will put an erotic tug on your balls as you move around. The swing can feel wild! In addition, it delays and intensifies orgasm because your scrotum cannot retract during orgasm.

The picture above shows our lightest weight at roughly 8 ounces and 1/2-inch bandwidth. (It’s available in two diameters: 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches.) This is a great size if you want to 'stack' (wear more than one ball stretcher at a time). Stacking is great to customize the amount of weight you are swinging and to move up to the next size.


The Cock Rings: He is stacking two rings on that impressive dick: the Half Screw and the Full Screw. (Watch out though—all that shiny metal might blind you at your next pool party!) Both are members of the light-weight aluminum Screw family and combined give him a bandwidth of 1 ½ inches! All of the screws feature our exclusive interior comfort fit: gently rounded to give you days of care-free work-all-day / play-all-night wear. I was wearing my Full Screw for several days last week and completely forgot I had it on (until I got a hard on of course—then I was harder, thicker, firmer and more sensitive!) These rings really do the trick—and make the trick worth doing!

The Screws are available in three bandwidths: .3 inches / 8 mm (the Quarter Screw), .6 inches / 15mm (the Half Screw) and .9 inches / 23 mm (the Full Screw). As pictured above, these are great for stacking so you can create your own look and feel.


The Glans Ring: This little circle of pleasure is so small (The Titan .2 is .2 inches/ 5 mm wide) you might dismiss it as having no potential BUT it will bring you great sex!

It brings greater awareness of your prick—when waking up with it on, you will have a greater sense of the power surging through your hardening rod. Your dickhead will be even bigger as it hugs the sensitive skin beneath your corona. When walking in loose clothing, you will get unexpected shivers as it brushes against your clothing or thigh. .

The Titan head rings feature gear essentials exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent the ring from slipping off. Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. These rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings. Put them on and you will stand out!

Our trusty development team has been road-testing for some time. One tester reported that while walking it felt like he was getting a 'little hand job!' We also discovered that even when wearing a cock ring the Glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick.

These are designed for all day wear--and our testers had no negative experiences wearing them all night. Enjoy this classy man-accessory and enjoy the powerful feelings as you feel your rod in ways you've never experienced before!

You don’t necessarily need to draw attention to your dick with all that glitters—but you will have better sex! And they’ll keep coming back for more!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by David Lee: )


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tamara dane

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