Growers:  Keeping it All in Place


We have met a lot of growers! You should never judge a guy flaccid (particularly in Minnesota—BRRRR!) Last weekend we were hanging out with some friends. One guy recently picked up an Omega and wears it every day; however, he noticed that occasionally that sucker wanted to slip on off. He cannot go with a smaller diameter (oh, the PAIN!) I passed on a little trick that I’ll share with you.

The Omega is gear essentials heaviest cockring. It weighs in at over 11 ounces / 312 grams. In fact, in order for me to get the fit I like I wear one size smaller than usual. Why? Because of the weight it tends to move south when I am flaccid. It’s that whole gravitational pull thing. Because it’s shaped like a donut, I can go one size smaller and still enjoy a comfortable fit (only a very narrow strip of the ring comes into contact with my dick. I like my cock rings snug up against my pubes—not lassoed around the middle of my shaft and nuts. So not a good look for me…

One thing I have discovered is that a Nitrile ring worn below the ring can also keep it from sliding down. You can wear a smaller size in the Nitrile as well because it has some give to it. We’ve also used this trick with ball weights.


Grower Alert: He’s Wearing a Mega Nitrile with his Imperial C Ring
by gear essentials


You know that the guy pictured above is a grower (just check out his massive hood!) But at the moment things just aren’t that impressive. He is wearing a Mega Nitrile beneath his Imperial penis ring to keep that heavy ring in place. The Imperial is one of my favorites—slightly less heft (6 ounces / 171 grams) and width than the Omega. It is a classically designed ring and feels great on! The Imperial is available in brushed or mirrored finish and like all of our cockrings, it keeps the blood restricted in your dick so you stay harder longer!

Keep it all in place with a Nitrile cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!







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