Mac’s Stack: Stretched Sack!


A few days ago we posted a couple of pictures of Mac in his Surge cock ring and Surge glans ring. He is loving the feeling!

Well Mac is BACK!

Another feeling he loves is a stack of weights around his nuts! If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time you will know I love wearing my lightweight 8 ounce ball stretcher around my nads. I love the feeling as I wear it throughout my work day and at play. It tugs and twists and leaves me chubbed up frankly. During sex I love the pull. In addition, because it doesn’t allow the scrotum to retract when I’m about to cum my orgasm is longer and more intense. It’s crazy hot!

Some guys like to stack (I’ve don’t that as well—that is how I stretched to be able to wear a 24 ounce ball weight; obviously I have a ways to go!)

Mac is one of those guys!


Mac’s Stack Stretchin’ Sack: 8 & 16 Ounce Ball Weights by gear essentials


Another feature of stretched balls: your skin is stretched smooth around your balls. Therefore they are much more sensitive to the merest touch—be it tongue, feather, ice cube, riding crop or lips. Watch your partner shiver with delight as you tease his most sensitive bits!


So stack that stretched sack—and feel the love!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos courtesy of customer.)



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