Feel the POWER of a Ball Stretcher


I love it when a guy hauls his junque out of his jeans.  Some like to show it off, others are more reluctant - it really is an intimate part of a man. 

This stud has nothing to worry about.  He's got a nice cock and amazing low-hangers.  He looks tantalizing with his ball weight and Nitrile ring swinging low. 

He is wearing the 8 ounce / .23 kg ball stretcher.  It's an easy first step if you are intrigued with ball weights.  With a bandwidth of just 1/2 inch / 12.7 mm it's fairly easy to get your balls in.  The weight is noticeable without being tiring.  It will give you a nice taste of the power and intense pleasure you can experience with weight hanging off your nads.



Feel the POWER of a Ball Stretcher


Sean from Charlotte, North Carolina wrote:  "Wow! This ball weight is perfect.  If you are just getting started (or have tight balls) this is the perfect starter weight.  I got the larger inner diameter, and it is very comfortable.  Next time, I think I would do the smaller inner diameter just because if I wear this while working out or while edging for a while, my balls (which are on the average side) will slip out.

"But DAMN this feels just right. Not too heavy, and not too tight. Easy to slip on and wear all day. Solid construction, and will be buying more in the future!"

The stud pictured here is wearing a Nitrile cockring below his ball weight.  This can help keep the ball stretcher from slipping off as well as act as a cushion for your nads.


Feel the POWER of a Ball Stretcher


Sadly, a lot of guys just ignore their balls.  What do they really do (other than just hang there)?  When we were young and just coming through the raging hormones of puberty, we were always trying to avoid taking a soccer ball or foot to our crotches.  THAT is intense pain.  (I know--I'll get e-mails from those of you who enjoy having your balls kicked or stomped on!  Go for it!  Mine are just a bit more sensitive.)  So just why would I put a weight on my ball sac?

I thought the whole idea was crazy until I tried one on.  I immediately popped a woody.  The head on my shoulders was very judgmental but it wasn't until I wore ball weights that I realized that I had been tugging and twisting on my balls during sex since adolescence.

It was clear that my cock and balls loved wearing a ball stretcher.  To this day I love the tautness and the stretch on my sac.  It really gets me going. That's why I get a raging boner when I put one on.


Feel the POWER of a Ball Stretcher


As I write about my hard dick, I am chuckling how in each successive pic this stud's prick gets thicker.  Coincidence?  Nope.  It's the power of a ball weight!

Stephen from Sydney, Australia wrote:  "Awesome is an understatement. After 2 months wearing an 8oz ball weight on work days in a labor intensive job I've upsized after hours & have no regrets. The larger diameter weights I ordered in both 8 & 16oz weights fits me better than I expected & adds extra swing."

There is a lot of pleasure to be had by having that tug and twist on your balls. In addition, many of us enjoy delayed orgasm that are bigger than average.  And those are all good things!

Feel the POWER of a ball stretcher!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos provided by customer.  Sean and Stephen are not pictured.)


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