My Balls are High and Tight; how do I stretch my scrotum?


A few days ago we received the following e-mail from Robby. He wrote:

"Now a more personal note about my trials of my ball stretchers. As I have stated before I am high and tight. I am so tight that when I have an erection my balls want to uncomfortably ascend. I first started to prevent this by using just a limited stretch 1 1/2" nitril cock ring behind my scrotum. It worked only sometimes. I have tried a combination of that same application adding a 1 1/4" nitril ring placed in a manner of a ball stretcher. My testicles still painfully escaped. I am almost unable to measure around my scrotum for your ball stretchers even after a hot shower. But I am optimistically confident that I can find a solution with you..."Lord of the Rings." I believe my penis and testicals to be average size and shape. Please help me with a plan to stretch my scrotum. Thank you"   

We hear this a lot. Some guys are just built high and tight. The question is how to get those puppies to drop?


My Balls are High and Tight; how do I stretch my scrotum? Retracted Balls


As I was thinking about Robby's question I remembered a customer, Mark, who had e-mailed us some pictures a while back. When he received his 8 Oz. ball weight he was frustrated to discover that he had a really hard time getting it on his high and tight nads. It can be tough to get them on--particularly the first time. (Just because we want our balls to fit through a small metal hole doesn't mean they will play along!) 

We e-mailed back and forth and I shared some tips with him. He later followed up: "Hey guys, I received my 8 oz ball weight almost two years ago and if you remember, I had a few problems getting it on and getting it up. Being different, I found that my balls tend to drop more after free ballin' all day in my shorts (one of the benefits of living in a warmer climate) and with a little help from my 1 inch ball stretcher (also purchased from your website) I managed to overcome both issues. I even managed to shoot a pretty good load while wearing it as you can see in my attached photos. Thanks for all the words and photos in your blog, definitely encouraged me to keep trying."

Here's a look at Mark.


My Balls are High and Tight; how do I stretch my scrotum? Mark's Example


It looks like Mark had some success!

The first thing I would say about stretching your ball sac is that you will have to be patient.

But back to Robby's e-mail. I wrote:  "A couple of thoughts:  Combine stretching, jelqing and warmth -- our balls drop when they are warm. The body tries to keep your sperm cooler than the rest of your body. The hotter it is, the more they will try to descent away from your core. Fashion a sports sock to wear on your balls when the weather is cold. This will help keep them lower. Then use whatever device works for pulling your balls away from your body. You have tried the nitrile but I think you might have success with a snap leather cock ring. I was doing this even before I knew I loved ball weights! I would wear it as a cock ring for a while to break it in--that will help the leather be softer and more comfortable when you move it to your more sensitive balls. What I like about the snap ring is that you don't have any buckles, etc. protruding (that can cause pain as it jabs your balls) and you can adjust the sizing. I would wear it as tightly as you can without getting uncomfortable (or turning blue!) If it feels too tight, head for the men's room and loosen it a snap. If you pop through it should not be as uncomfortable because it is a more 'giving' material."


 My Balls are High and Tight; how do I stretch my scrotum?  Mark Erect

I continued:  "Wear this as long as you can. As you start to train your balls and develop more drop to your ball sac you will be able to move to other things. Perhaps you will be able to wear a metal cock ring along with the leather strap for added weight. The weight really helps move the ball stretch more quickly. The faster you can add that to your stretching regimen the better. 

"Lastly, when you take your gear off at night, take a hot shower or bath and then jelque. This basically means get some high quality lotion or balm and rub it into your balls to aid in stretching. When you apply it rub away from your body so you are pulling your balls away from yourself. This is a benefit. (And it feels good too!)

"When you get some success with this, we can move on to the ball weight stage!"


My Balls are High and Tight; how do I stretch my scrotum?  Rear View


Getting a ball weight on for the first time (or even second) is not the easiest thing.


Tips for Putting on a Ball Weight

Putting on your ball weight will feel like trying to write with the wrong hand for a while. When I first started wearing one I thought I would never wear it on regular basis--it was such a pain to put on. But now it takes me about 20 seconds.

Here are some pictures of another first-time ball weight wearer. (He is wearing the 8 Oz. PISTON ball stretcher.)


My Balls are High & Tight. First-timer with No Ball Weight


The best method for putting on a ball stretcher is to put it on immediately after getting out of the shower. You are warm and your balls have dropped about as far as they will go at that point! [I don't recommend wearing it IN the shower though--the ‘male nub’ on the inside could rust. I made the mistake of swimming with my first one. It felt great but I had to clean up the rust on that nub later. The stainless finish was fine though. It is interesting to note that Don (quoted above) also wrote me to say, "I did have better results wearing a 16 oz. ball weight in shower."]


My Balls are High and Tight. Unscrewing the Ball Stretcher


When you get out of the shower, lay down on your bed or couch with your head slightly inclined so you can see and reach your balls easily. Place the side of the ball weight with the Allen screw on your right side if you are right-handed (left side if you are left-handed--the screw should be on your dominant hand's side). Tighten the screw enough to keep the two halves together but swing it wide open. You are going to use this as a hinge point. Place one half of the ball weight under your balls. The top half is wide open. With your less dominant hand, pull your balls away from your body. If you have a lot of ball sac, twist slightly to narrow them up. The goal is to get them INTO the ball weight.


My Balls are High and Tight.  Wearing His First Ball Stretcher


With your dominant hand, swing the open half of the ball weight over your balls and line up the male and female parts together. It should still be loose at this point. Your balls should be through the weight--but probably still 'slopping' over and just waiting to be pinched. Tighten the Allen screw a bit more--so the two halves don't slip apart. Now that the two halves are loosely together, tug on your balls again and use a finger to sweep extra skin out of the joints--squeeze the two halves together firmly with your other hand. NOW screw it all the way shut.


My Balls are High and Tight. WIth & Without a Ball Weight

The first time I put mine on it took me about ten minutes to do it. Now I can do it in about 20 seconds. It will soon become second nature to you too—and you will love it! ENJOY!


My Balls are High and Tight.  Enjoying a Power-Packed Orgasm!


So Why Do We Do This?!

More from Don:  "I'm at a big advantage wearing ball weights with loose shorts all day working outside.  OMG by the afternoon I'm so horny with all the swinging and tugging by 16 oz or 24 oz I can't wait to get into...our bed to make love.  And a big yes I cum harder and more.  I can't wait to show <wife's name> the blog picture with the cowboy getting on horse with cock ring on.  She's going to love seeing that one."

  • If you are looking for more mind-blowing sex this is the most important reason: ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do, the weight causes cumming to be even more intense. We’ve heard from many customers saying that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther because of their ball weights.
  • Ball weights give an amazing twist and tug resulting in even more intense sexual pleasure. (I love the feeling of a ball weight—even as light as 8 ounces. It intensifies the experience and orgasm for me—to the point that I don’t want to have sex without it.)
  • The ball stretchers ‘play’ with your balls—leaving hands free to focus on other areas!
  • A lot of guys want a bigger ball sac. By regularly wearing a ball weight, you will stretch out your ball sac so you can hit the nude beach with pride! When your nads stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) size on between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s a great way to add weight.
  • As a bonus, the ball stretcher bounces off your partner during intercourse. You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by 3 lbs. of solid metal but it provides repeated physical contact with your partner. Both of you feel each thrust punctuated with each swing of your balls. The ‘taint’ is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing it around the genitals. Several of our customers say they won’t have intercourse without at least an 8 oz. ball weight on anymore.

And solid stainless steel construction is safe for your sensitive skin.


My Balls are High and Tight; Enjoying the Feeling


Whether your balls are high and tight or hit your kneecaps, snap one on—and get lost in pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photos 2, 3, 4 & 9 are by Mark. Photos 5, 6, 7 & 8 by Jay Williams. Photo 10 provided by customer.)






With me when i started i used a 36 mm x 15 mm ball stretcher ring but after about nearly 5 years now i wear 4 Oxballs silicone rings now in cold months and it seems to work for me as the biggest weight i had was a 45 mm x 36 mm so if you can work that out it’s a fair bit of weight i have on my balls and at moment using 4 x Oxballs Donut rings during these cold moments here in the UK and plan to stretch more when the Spring/Summer warms up



Peter: This is not uncommon. One ball generally hangs lower than the other and if there is any room for it to slip up and out, it often will. A couple of thoughts:

1) Make sure that you have enough ball weight bandwidth to keep your balls pulled far enough from your body so there is no room to slip.

2) Double check that the interior size of the ball weight is narrow enough. If you go with a weight that is too wide you can get some slippage.

3) If you have done all of these things, use a stretchy silicone ring on your balls. Put it on before you put the ball weight on. This will keep your balls from popping up and through.




I have one testical smaller then the other
Keeps slipping out off the ring.
Can’t get one small enough,scrutum sits close to Bodie.
Any ideaers,hade thought off using cock ring to over sharft and scrutum

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