Give Your Best Fuck with the Omega Cockring


If you could give a better fuck--unlock the secret to fucking better--would you want to know how? If you knew you could be fuller, thicker, harder and longer, would you do it?    

Like the randy stud pictured below, you can experience what a cock ring can do for you and enjoy amazing, curl-your-toes sex! Your cock ring restricts blood flow from leaving your dick so you stay harder, thicker and more sensitive.  It also lifts your dick up so you are positioned front, forward and center for an even better fuck.   

And a better fuck you will have!   


  Keep it Hard & Thick with the Omega Cock Ring for your Best Fuck!


The Omega is a solid stainless steel penis ring that is the perfect tool for keeping your tool thick and hard so you can go deeper! Classically simple, perfectly rounded like a donut for maximum comfort, weighted for better thrusting power and magnificently strong, the Omega fits comfortably under tight jeans, leathers or jock; cradling your cock and balls and helping your prick explode into action when you pop it out. 

Now you know the secret to a better fuck!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Omega Cock Ring:


(Photo provided by customer.)



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