Some guys have all the balls!

Face it. It's a mark of masculinity--why else do we comment "He's got a lotta balls" when some guy pulls of a studly stunt?

Or “He’s got balls of brass!” (How about stainless steel?!)

I've had lots of guys e-mail me and write, "You haven't lived until you sit on your balls!" (I’ve lived!)

Ball weights will stretch out your ball sac with regular use. High and tight? This is how you can get low and loose—and grab hold of those big ballin’ braggin’ rights!

In addition to the bragging rights, there is the incredible eroticism of the tug and twist of your balls during sex. AND that ‘holy cow’ moment when orgasm starts, your balls cannot retract and you experience delayed AND intensified cumming! Dang, life is good!


2 Pounds of Tuggin’ Love: The 32 Oz. Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


As you gaze lovingly through the nicely rounded cheeks above, you will see that the 32 ounce ball stretchers dangling from his long and low ball sac. This weight is for the truly experienced. It's a full 2 inches wide and weighs 2 pounds. If weight excites you and you want the maximum stretch this is it. It is available in our sensual brushed finish. All our weights are made of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from gear essentials.


Get your big ballin’ braggin’ rights!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!

Where to find it:

32 Ounce Ball Weights:



(Photo reposted from Tumblr.)



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