Grab a Torque Cockring for more POWER in your Sex Life!


When you need more power in your sex life, consider a cock ring.

A cockring restricts the blood flow in your penis so you stay harder, thicker and ready to go!

In the case of our bud "Whatcolorareyouwearing", consider the Torque. The Torque penis ring is an architecturally-inspired penis ring crafted from solid stainless steel and is made in the US. Its wider bandwidth (.6 inches) provides support and pushes your cock and balls front, forward and up. Blood flows into your engorging penis and is restricted by your cock ring from leaving. This leaves you thicker, fuller and harder. The Torque will bring more power to your fucking--over four ounces of additional torque to make your bottom writhe with pleasure! 


Grab a Torque Cockring for more POWER in your Sex Life!


The Torque by gear essentials gives you style, confidence and that little extra--the restriction that holds your dick firmer, your erection harder, your engorgement fuller.

High style in a comfort-edged, pure stainless steel ring of uncompromising quality.

So when life hands you the perfect opportunity, grab it and plow forward--with gear essentials' Torque!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

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I am glad that you are making smaller cockrings (1-12" or 38mm). I like that snug feeling and for me is a turn on. I’d be interested if you carried them in most of your cockrings. Thanks for showing the one and I like it.

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