Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a TUB!  (Day 1)


This past summer we had a great time with three amazing guys (in a tub!) They were game to try on our gear essentialsgear and show it off for the camera so that you could see it too. Who knew things would get a bit steamy in that bathtub?

Today starts Day One of our seven-part series Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a TUB!


Three Men in a Tub: All GEARED UP with Gear from gear essentials


There’s something about a guy in gear that just invites touching…with your lips… Our tub buddy on the right is wearing the SurgeBLACK cock ring and SurgeBLACK glans ring. The cockring keeps the blood restricted in his hardening cock and his glans rings makes the head of his dick even bigger!

The stud on the left is wearing a lot of hot gear: Stacked ball weights (the 8 ounce brushed finish and 8 ounce PISTON ball stretcher) along with the Strut cock ring and Titan .4 glans ring. Looks like he’s feeling stronger, thicker and harder right now!


Grabbin’ Grub in the Tub: Harder & Firmer in His Strut C Ring, Stacked Weights & Titan .4 Glans by gear essentials



Look deeply into those deep blue eyes. This is a man who enjoys his gear. He is wearing the trifecta of sexual pleasure.

Stacked Ball Weights: He is stacking one pound worth of ball weights on his big ball sac. Stacking is often a good way to expand to the next size. He’s wearing a brushed 8 ounce as well as an 8 ounce PISTON ball stretcher. (The 8 ounce is a great starting size.) The beauty of ball weights is that they give you an amazing twist and tug for greater sexual pleasure. They also bounce off your partner when having sex so you spread the pleasure. If you want bigger balls, when worn regularly it will stretch your sac. Lastly, it results in a more intense orgasm. When you are on the edge of cumming your balls cannot retract upwards because the ball weight restricts them. Many men report that this results in a more intense orgasm.


Strut Cock Ring: This slim beauty (.4-inches) is a favorite. Part of the architecturally-inspired Contour Series, the Strut penis ring makes heads turn. It is strikingly beautiful. Sculpted from solid stainless steel, it is super-safe for your family jewels and will keep your rod thick and hard! Sexy and practical—you will love how it feels—and what it does for you.


Titan .4 Glans Ring: I’ve made no secret that this is a favorite new man-accessory in my jewelry box. This baby is thick stainless steel (.4-inches wide) that fits right beneath the head of my dick. When worn with loose clothing or commando the movement of the ring at the end of the dick is incredible—many have described it as a mini-hand job in their pants! (The boss hasn’t taken his off in in over a week!)

Now available in the NEW 1” size!


Rub-a-Dub-Dub: Three Happy Men in a Tub!



These boys just can’t help reaching out and giving a rub-a-dub-dub! The cock rings keep those dicks pumped and raring to go; the glans rings keep their heads even bigger. Looks like they are having fun!


The SurgeBLACK cock ring -- Our first medical-grade penis ring (the Grip) was so popular we had to create another: the SurgeBLACK. Medical-grade plastic is so safe it is used in medical devices (so you know it’s safe for you). It has a slight give but remains stiff–to keep you STIFF! The concave shape of the SurgeBLACK makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring.

The SurgeBLACK Glans ring – This is another amazing NEW glans ring from gear essentials. Like its bigger brother, it features our popular Surge design’s elegant concave shape making it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring.

Enjoy the Rub-a-Dub-Dub—with all the essential gear that will give you greater pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by David Lee: )



William Dodge

William Dodge

Nice….save water, bathe with friends. Aw hell, just forget the water!



Glad we can help, Pete—we love providing inspiration! Have fun, take pictures and let us know how it goes! ; ) (And don’t forget your gear!)


Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez

THANKS for the pictures I need to call a couple of friends to wellllllllllll copy :-)

Thanks for the idea


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