Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a TUB!  (Day 3)


It’s Day Three of our seven-part series Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a TUB!

Here are a few more shots of our three models—still in that steaming hot tub!  

Come back tomorrow and check out the next installment...but first, read on...


Three Men in a Tub: Reach Out & Touch…with Hands & Mouths…


Fuller, thicker, harder and more sensitive—this is what cock rings and glans rings do for you. They also present your package in the best possible light. Who can resist your chubbed up prick in hot gear essentials gear?

Are you ready for this kind of action?

The guy in front is wearing a lot of gear. In past blogs I’ve asked if a cockring, head ring AND ball weights worn together is just too much? The resounding response has been “NO!” I’ll trust you on that—and frankly, it doesn’t look like all his metal is a turn-off! He is wearing stacked ball weights (the 8 ounce brushed finish as well as an 8 ounce PISTON ball stretcher), the Titan .4 head ring and Strut penis ring. You have to admit, he looks good! (And I suspect he tastes good too!)

He has his grip firmly on the pumped up dick of the stud standing in the back. It’s hard to see but he is wearing a set of SurgeBLACK rings (cock and glans). (You almost need two hands for that, don’t you?)



A Tub with a View: Harder & Firmer in His Strut C Ring,
Stacked Weights & Titan .4 Glans by gear essentials


Now there’s a room with a view! I always like pictures that show ball stretchers from behind because it really gives a better sense of how these things work. They hang between your shaft and your balls (hence the term ‘ball stretchers’). But why would you want to put your balls through this kind of ‘torture’?!

First of all, it’s not torture—it’s intense pleasure! I clearly remember the day I put my first ball weight on. My head said no but my cock said YES! My dick immediately ticked up to a respectable hard-on! I was hooked! What I love about ball weights:

  • It gives you an amazing twist and tug for greater sexual pleasure (I prefer masturbating with a ball weight on—it totally intensifies the experience and orgasm for me).
  • The ball weight bounces off your partner during sex so you share the pleasure—it provides another point of erogenous contact for your partner. A recent customer said that he won’t have sex without it anymore.
  • The ball stretchers prevents your balls from retracting when you are on the edge so when you finally reach orgasm, the weight causes you to have an even more intense orgasm—and many men experience greater amounts of cum AND shoot further! (Not that we’re keeping score or anything!)
  • A lot of guys just wish they had a bigger ball sac. When you regularly wear a ball weight, it will stretch it out so you can walk through the gym shower with pride!

Notice that he is also wearing two ball weights—we refer to this as ‘stacking’. This is a great way to move up to the next size. When I went from the 16 ounce to the 24 ounce ball weight, I couldn’t put a 24 ounce weight on my ball sac. The 1.5” ‘tunnel’ of the weight was too long for my sac to fit into. However, I could wear my 16 ounce and then fit my 8 ounce above it (so my 16 ounce weight was pulling my balls down which gave me room to insert my smaller weight between the 24 ounce and my shaft). In this way I was able to stretch out my balls enough to move up to the next size.

From behind you can also see how the glans ring hangs just under the head of his dick—there are some very sensitive nerve-endings there that are getting a great deal of pleasure—just because of that one simple metal band. The glans rings are designed with our square-cut corona interior fit—this helps keep the ring from sliding off the end of your dick. This is one piece of man-jewelry that makes me involuntarily shudder throughout my day!



Rub-a-Dub-Dub: Lust Happens.


Lust can happen in the strangest places—are you ready for it?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by David Lee: )


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Marcos Borbaran

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