Stacked Rings:  Staying Harder


I wear a cock ring all the time. Doctors (and we agree) recommend NOT sleeping in a cockring because the erections we get during the night will go ‘unattended’ and you could wake up very, very sore! One of our long-time customers told me that he didn’t care—he just wakes up when he gets a midnight boner and whacks off right then and there. I am a little more protective of my sleep patterns!

But I have grown so used to the comfort of a ring around my cock and balls that I am uncomfortable without it. I’ve got enough ball sac that it gets in the way so I like how cock rings pull it up and away from my body (especially in hot, sticky weather). Of course I wear different rigid rings with my Nitrile depending on my mood on any given day. So I wear a Nitrile cock ring 24 hour hours a day (and through the TSA Security line at the airport—yes, there are some very interesting body scans of me floating out there!)

Nitrile rings have come up a lot in conversation lately. I blogged about these rings several weeks ago (Link: ) because they are great when worn with a heavier ring (it helps keep them from slipping—especially if you are a ‘grower’ and not a ‘shower’). In fact, we just added the black set of three Nitrile rings to our website (these are pretty inexpensive at just $6.99 for three; Link: )

Sometimes I feel like I want even more—more metal, more lift, more support. That’s when I stack rings. Stacking refers to wearing more than one cock ring at a time. You can stack ball weights (we’ve shown many examples of that in past blogs), glans rings (check out yesterday’s blog to see an example of that) and cock rings. The beauty of stacking is that it allows us more creativity and a feeling that is unique to our desire and need at the time.


Staying Harder: Rigid Metal Rings Keep You Pumped!
The Imperial & Omega C Rings by gear essentials


Beyond the ‘scientific’ reasons for wearing a cock ring (keeping you hard, pumping up your prick so your package is bigger and hotter under your clothes, enjoying increased penile sensitivity, etc.) there is an aesthetic to them that can be so satisfying. Cockrings are the most intimate expression of your taste and style. What you wear and how you wear says a lot about you.

Stay harder in style—stack ‘em up!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





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