Ed from the United States wrote the following review that covers a lot of territory. He's got ideas for every day cock ring wear but LOVES his Master cockring.

"I promised a review, so here we go! 

"I have quite a few cockrings from Gear Essentials; Half Screw anodized, Serge, Imperial, Omega, Quarter Screw, Titan, and this one the Master. I like them all. The aluminum rings are great for daily wear because of the light weight. But the heavy stainless rings feel great on, the extra weight gives me an extra swagger and keeps me aware of my junk all day. My favorite has always been the Omega, the weight and the absolute comfort of the Omega is something to hehold. But, it is so large that sometimes it is just too heavy to wear all the time. My less than average sized balls sometimes sometimes slips out, a hazzard with heavy rings.

Well, enter the Master! I normally wear 1 7/8", a size I arrived at with a lot of experimentation. (Sizing is important!) Just because I had occasional problems with slippage due to the size of my balls, I ordered the Master in 1 3/4". Slippage is not an issue anymore. When I get hard with this one my cock gets so hard and veiny, my balls swell and I am huge! So huge that I worry about getting the thing off. But, not to worry, I do get softer and I do get the cock ring off my junk.

"This has become my favorite ring, because of the substantial weight, but also because of the comfort. The squareish profile looks so hot but the round edges make this one as comfortable as the Omega. If I was going to have just one cock ring from Gear Essentials, this would be my first choice and I would suggest this to everyone wanting a heavy metal cock ring. And if you think the weight and thickness of the ring will be a problem for you, think again. The smaller rings tend to pinch, the edges of squarer rings pinch and the narrow rings pinch. Larger rings feel great with the weight (aluminum just feels good, but the weight of stainless feels great!).

"I am going to wait for a promotion and buy another one of these in the engraved version, this time in my normal 1 7/8" size.

"If you are new to cockrings, or have used a leather strap, move up to the ultimate. Go heavy and go stainless. Get yourself some cheap rings of various sizes for test runs to determine what works best for you, then order the Master. You will b glad you did." 


"Move up to the ultimate. Go heavy & go stainless:" The Master Cockring


The name Master says it all:  big, bold, assertive, and up to any challenge you can throw at it! This solid stainless steel penis ring features a squarer design (with rounded edges for optimum comfort) that is .6 inches (15 mm) wide. The shape and design make it great for wearing with a leather harness or all by its lonesome (it won't be for long!) under jeans, jock or business suit. It's gear essentials' third heaviest ring at slightly over 8 ounces (228 grams). You will know (and enjoy that) it's there! (Your fuck partner will know too--and thank you for the added power to your thrust for the ultimate fuck.)

Made in Minnesota, USA, a cock ring from the Master Series is sure to be an indispensable tool in your erotic arsenal.  

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cock Ring:   http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/master




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