The Pumper & the Fury


We’ve been dabbling a lot with pumping around here for the last few weeks. gear essentials currently carries pumps but we are looking at going to the next level with a line of really well-built hard-core pumps. And of course, that means RESEARCH!

One of our long-time customers and I have been chatting about it. He has been pumping for 15 years and is going to share some of his expertise. He wrote: “Pumping is amazing. It makes my cock feel energetic. I love pumping my cock n balls the best.”

The Pumper & the Fury: The Fury C Ring by gear essentials


He writes: “Jay, here is a pic of me and the 2 1/8” Fury and 1.5” Glans ring. I pumped with the Fury on. This is a day after a pump session. I will be sending in more pictures.”

We are looking forward to that!

One of the benefits of pumping with a cock ring on is that it keeps even more blood restricted in your dick so you stay thicker. I love edging by pumping and then jacking off and repeating over and over. He’s right—I feel energetic and tingly. I ooze crazy amounts of pre-cum and the waves of pre-orgasmic pleasure can be overwhelming.

We’ll be blogging more about pumping over the next few weeks. In the meantime, check it out and get PUMPED!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by customer.)



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