Imperial Cockring:  Comfortable, Beautiful and gets you ready for Action!


Are you ready for Action?!

The stud's prick (pictured below) is sticking out and looking for a playmate. His Imperial cock ring is keeping him pumped and ready for action. It will take whatever you throw at it--and we know a lot of you have a thing or two in mind!

You don't want to miss an opportunity.

Not only that, but it's comfortable and beautiful too. Huxbear MZL from Mongolia (who knew?!) wrote:  "Mostly I used to wear a big heavy Chrome donut cockring, weight is 8.6 ounces, Width is a full 3/4 inch, thick one. But I wanted to have new and thinner one just for my collection. Yeah, I have leather, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, stone rings. 

"After I bought Imperial Cock Ring and wear it first, I loved how it looks and feels. I'll tell you that Imperial Cock Ring is best of all. Most comfortable one from my collection.

"I choose mirror ended cock ring, because I didn't want just a metal down there but something looks cool, shiny, can be body decorate and Imperial Series Mirror Cock Ring does.

"I know all kind of cockrings, using many years and I would recommend this to everyone who wants real gear!"


Imperial Cockring:  Comfortable, Beautiful and gets you ready for Action!


The Imperial cock ring keeps the blood in your engorged dick so you are more sensitive—and you have this overwhelming sensuous feeling of tingly potency. Your partner will appreciate your probing rod of steel as you explore, tease and touch those hard-to-reach places. Your erogenous sensitivity will be on high alert and you will experience memorable sex.

The Imperial cockring is your best wing man. The cross section of this solid stainless steel penis ring is oval giving you comforting weight and support. Pure stainless steel means there is no cracking, chipping or peel so it is eminently safe around your family jewels. Keep your prick harder, bigger and longer with the Imperial. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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