Triple the Pleasure; Triple the Fun!


You know those moments when you are just lost in the waves of pleasure emanating from your dick, down your taint and up your spine? Your whole body seems to tingle and vibrate. These feelings are intensified when you wear a ball stretcher, cock ring and glans rings—it’s the triple threat!

The man pictured below is lost in the pleasure. You can see how his 16 ounce PISTON is tugging and twisting his ample ball sac. When he edges past that final cliff of pleasure and reaches orgasm, it will be delayed because his nuts cannot retract up into his body as he prepares to let loose a gushing stream of cum. Instead those nads are weighed down resulting in a longer, more intense delayed orgasm.


Feeling the Pleasure with the PISTON Ball Weight by gear essentials


He’s got one pound of weight hanging from his ball sac. The split stainless steel ring is great for wearing all day or for rough play. They stay firmly in place due to the security of an Allen screw—I have a magnetic ball weight that pops off at the worst possible moments so I appreciate a little bit of security! This is a great weight—easy to wear all day and yet you will know that you have it on. If your goal is bigger balls, this will help you reach that goal. If your goal is pure pleasure, you’ve got it!


Ready for His Close-up: Torque C Ring, Titan .2 Glans
& PISTON by gear essentials


The Torque is one of my favorite cockrings—big and bold stainless steel is crafted into an architectural statement of power and endurance. Like all of our penis rings, it keeps the blood restricted in your rigid rod so you stay harder, thicker and more sensitive. Here it’s paired with the Titan .2 head ring. The glans ring encircles your prick right below your corona—this makes your head even bigger and more sensitive! You will also get off on the erotic feelings while you are walking (flaccid). The hard metal brushing against the myriad nerve endings under the ridge of your head and the fabric of your clothes gives the sensation of a ‘mini hand job’ in your pants. It doesn’t get better than this!

Enjoy the triple threat!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by David Lee: )



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