Ball Stretcher:  A Thing of Beauty


The human body can be amazingly beautiful. We are trained by Madison Avenue and Hollywood to believe that only the smooth, buff and glossy are worthy of our appreciation (or adoration). However, I have become increasingly aware that beauty comes in all sorts of packages, body styles, weights and ages.

Early in my career I had extensive art schooling. Artists pride themselves in having an objective calculating eye. In life study classes most artists prefer someone with a few miles on them—it is just far more interesting.

Recently a group of friends was discussing genitalia. Several of the women (straight) claimed that the male genitals are just plain ugly—citing that it is just this sausage-y thing that dangles from the body. They pointed out that the vagina is more beautiful (the straight guys agreed). One of the guys (gay) countered that all the female parts are on the inside—what is there to see? Perhaps that is why the female form is considered more beautiful by most—creating a gentle fluid line from breast to toe with no interuption.

A thickening dick—growing from shrunken button to full-masted missile is a very majestic and beautiful thing.


A Thing of Beauty: The Penis and Ball Weight by gear essentials


Hanging beneath this proud and beautiful prick is a 16 ounce solid stainless steel ball weight. The uninitiated are often at a loss as to what to do with testicles.

This seemingly unruly sac hanging beneath the dick is a pretty amazing contraption. The testicles rise and fall with body heat—the goal is to keep sperm at the proper temperature (which is lower than body temperature). When it is hugging the body it can look all skriggly like pictures of the brain. When it drops it becomes silky smooth and soft to the touch. This is an incredibly sensitive part of the male body. Yet it can take intense tugging and twisting. Many men enjoy a bit of tug and twist. The ball stretcher gives that tug and twist. And with a ball weight, it leaves a hand free for other activities!

Isn’t that a thing of beauty? 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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