You Can't Keep Your Hands off a Titan Cockring!


There is nothing like a cockring to make your dick thick, full and enticing! Miriam sent us the following a while back: "I bought my fiance his first cockring before we went on vacation. I really like yr engraved rings but thought that might be to intense for him so settled on a titan2. Oh my god the first time he put it on he got so big. He was irresistible. I could barely keep my hands off him! 

"When we got to the resort we headed to the beach. We found a secluded bay & I couldn't resist. I took that monster into my mouth. His cockring makes his cock throb. He just oozed precum.

"I didnt realize we were being watched. Before I knew it this guy was eating out my fiances ass & rubbing my nipples. I backed up to see what who this was & he scooted right in there & popped big cock into his mouth. I never seen anything like it. He took his cock all the way so his nose was in my fiances pubes. We are open to fun so we all had a great afternoon making love on the beach.

"I guess his big cock is irresistible to both men & women!"

It's true! When you wear a cock ring the body’s juices flow in but don’t leave your dick. This means your prick gets thicker and harder! And as your throbbing cock stretches you become even more sensitive to every tantalizing suck, lick, nibble, touch and tongue swirl. 

It's hard to resist.


You Can't Keep Your Hands off a Titan Cockring!


Want better sex? Just slip on a cock ring. A penis ring makes for a more amazing blow job. Are you ready to discover what intense sexual pleasure really is?   

Bucky wanted to know more. He wrote, "I am in my 50s , i was at a mens club the other night, i got to know this guy , he had a bulge in his pants, he caught me looking, he was large, i had to feel it and I did , he had a cock ring on that BEAUTIFUL cock, i have never used one before , how long can a man wear one , i have been in bath houses before never seen any men wearing a cock ring, his cock felt wounderful in my mouth, any advice on what kind of cock rings to purchace in the near future, I think I am going to love cock rings, thanks"

We responded:  "How long someone can wear a cockring really depends on the sizing and type of ring. Personally I wear a Nitrile ring 24 hours a day. In the morning, when I shower, I slip on a rigid cockring (today I’m wearing my Titan .6). I can wear it all day long. Some men get a really snug ring to you just for fucking. The tighter the ring, the harder your cock will be.

"For a first-time user, I would recommend the Titans since they are low profile with rounded edges. A great option if you want something heavier is the Imperial. If you want less, you cannot go wrong with the Half Screw or Plunge—both have gear essentials’ exclusive comfort fit interior for work-all-day / play-all-night pleasure!"

The Titan is a great ring for every day: solid, simple and classic in design. Crafted in the US from solid stainless steel, it features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort. It's great for wearing at the beach, the gym or heading out for the evening. It provides good solid support with the minimum of fuss. It is also great for stacking--wear multiple rings to create the bandwidth you want. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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 (Photo submitted by customer. Neither Miriam or Bucky is pictured.)



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