Stacking the Fury & Omega Cockrings


Over the past few weeks, we have shared pics of Steve, a customer who loves his gear, first in his Omega and then his Fury. Today he is stacking them both!

He writes, "digging the way the omega props up my balls. i was thinking i might get crazy and order two more 1 3/4 omegas in brushed metal and see if I can triple stack them..i wore both the omega and fury all day at work today a loved the weight. Glans ring is next. this shit is addicting man..."

It is addicting!


Stacking the Fury & Omega Cockrings:  "loved the weight"


Steve is wearing 1.5" / 38.1 mm in bandwidth on his dick. Not bad! He's certainly got the equipment for it! If he stacks three Omegas he will be rocking nearly 2 inches--he can certainly do it! The total weight he is wearing is 1 lb. 5 oz. / 595 grams. You know he has a comfortable hug wrapped around hit hard, thick prick!

Steve sent the second photo and wrote:  "here is one of the fury and omega from underneath..."

Now that is quite a view!


Stacking the Fury & Omega Cockrings:  "loved the weight"


Fury Cockring

The Fury is a bold look. Even by itself it appears that you have stacked two rings to create this broad .9-inch wide expression. The Fury looks great under a business suit (oh, to catch a glimpse of that through the slit in the front of your cotton boxers!) or firmly anchoring your leather harness.

It is gear essentials’ second heaviest cock ring with a weight of slightly over 10 ounces (286 grams). The width, girth, weight and aesthetics of this ring combine to hold out the promise of better sex! Better because it keeps the blood in your growing cock, better because the bandwidth keeps your dick propped up at a delicious angle, better because the weight will add power to each thrust AND make the erogenous zones of your mate tingle with electricity.


Omega Penis Ring

The Omega rings are massive yet surprisingly comfortable. These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings are works of art (available in brushed or mirrored finish).  Designed in the shape of a donut, they are blissfully smooth and won't pinch or rub you (or your partner) the wrong way. Because so little of the ring comes in contact with your penis due to the round shape, we recommend that you go one size smaller on this ring for best fit.

Try some stacking on for size--you will love the weight too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Steve.)



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