Keep it HARD in the Imperial Cockring!


Remember how hard your cock would get when you were 15? It would point straight up past your belly button and absolutely ache from being so hard.

You can keep your dick thick and hard UP like the good old days with the Imperial cockring!

The Imperial cock ring by gear essentials is a classic. Understated, simple, elegant, lean and high-functioning, it gets the job done with style. Crafted from pure stainless steel, it has an oval cross-section. This slimmer profile makes it perfect for meaty thighs. With a nice heft (weighing in at slightly over 6 ounces or 171 grams) you will know it is there without feeling weighed down. It hugs the base of your throbbing dick and once erect keeps the blood pumping in your hardening prick--while not letting it all escape out again. This means your meat is fuller, thicker, harder and more sensitive for the circle jerks of life!


Keep it HARD with Imperial C Rings by gear essentials


Scott wrote us to say: ”Just wanted to let you know I received my “Imperial” cock ring yesterday, and all I can say is WOW! This is my first cock ring and I don’t think I could have chosen better! My wife hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure she will agree! Definitely won’t be my last purchase. My wishlist, among “other things”, keeps growing! Top quality, awesome product. Keep up the good work!”

Scott appreciates the benefits of a penis ring. In a response to an e-mail he wrote: “I had no idea how good these could look, never mind how they feel. I’ve been wearing my Imperial all day, and don’t think I’ve been completely flaccid! Loving the “chub”!

Enjoy the feeling, the look and how hard you can be with your Imperial Cock Ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  The Imperial Cock Ring:


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