Wearing a Cockring for a Better Orgasm


There are a lot of benefits to wearing a cock ring. Spend any time reading this blog and you will discover what they are. But one that doesn't get enough attention is what a cockring will do for your orgasm. Every man is unique but most will tell you that a hard ring around their stiffie definitely impacts the sensations when he blows a wad!

Cockring Buddha shared his experience:  "Will a cockring give me a better orgasm? - It will give you a different type of orgasm. Under normal conditions, you strongly ejaculate as you orgasm, and it only lasts for a few seconds. A cockring can partially pinch off the flow of semen as you orgasm, causing full ejaculation to take longer. The result is a much longer yet slightly less intense orgasm. Also, the pinching off can help a person to have multiple dry orgasms before a final orgasm to ejaculation. But this takes knowledge, practice, and a lot of self control to achieve."

Cockring Buddha is referring to edging. This is the practice of jacking right up to the edge of orgasm--when you start to feel that amazing sensation of orgasm rush through your dick and to the base of your spine. When this happens, quit jacking (I find that just squeezing my cock as hard as I can does the trick) and let the sensation pass. Then start jacking again. When you finally do cum, it will be explosive!

Shakti Amarantha, a tantric sex expert, writes:  "Each time some semen is released, a bit of prolactin is also released into the bloodstream, reducing the compression of the penile veins and letting a bit more blood flow out. So you can get some venous leakage and a partial loss of erection.

"A little bit of this won't affect continued intercourse, but several not-quite-dry orgasms can leave a man feeling rather bendy.  Wearing a cock ring prevents that, or at least postpones the effects for what may be an important minute or two, allowing the main orgasm and ejaculation to occur."


Wearing the Imperial Cockring for a Better Orgasm


Avoid getting bendy with a cockring--and experience better orgasms!

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To read more from Cockring Buddha:  http://thecockringbuddha.blogspot.com/p/cock-rings-101.html?zx=83417506d3b95d72  





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