IML Redux:  Men at Play!


You’ve got to love International Mr. Leather (IML)! There is always something going on and plenty to see. I remember my first time. I was on ‘overload’ the entire time. It was overwhelming (in a good way).

This past May we experienced so many distractions. In addition to the beautiful and amazing men who came to visit us we had the action pictured below going on right next door. You don’t need ADD to be thoroughly distracted at IML!


IML Redux: Men at Play! Love the Assless Jock?


Tied up and loving it! We love the assless jock singlet—check out Timoteo’s version:

Matthew from Maryland gave it a five-star review and wrote: For those looking for fetish wear that is not too costly, this is a good singlet. It has a comfortable fit and the material is smooth/soft. The stitching is neat, though I really do not like the seam that goes down the center of the front of the singlet [Look carefully at the picture, you'll see it]. This is a very minor issue. The rear opening, which gives it a jockstrap feel is actually pretty comfortable and complimentary. I especially like the unusual quality that this piece is made in the USA, per the label. That's unusual and that is something I like supporting.”


IML Redux: Men at Play! Keep it thicker with a cock ring…


Want a tight yet comfy flexible fit? The guy pictured above is wearing a silicone cockring. Get your own with the Mega Silicone Power Ring by M2M. This stretchy 1 3/4" ring will pop your rod out with a 29/32" wide profile! It is easy on & off.

Best yet, super-stretch silicone is 100% skin safe, non-toxic & compatible with water or oil-based lubricants.  See it here:


IML Redux: Boys will be Boys! ENJOY!


And we hope we can help you have even more fun! Leave the inhibitions at the door. Sex can be awesome with the right gear! Gear up your tool for more fun and better sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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