Keep it HARD and LONG with the Imperial Cockring


We work hard to keep our bodies fit, toned and healthy. We work hard and long to make our lives awesome! So why would we do any less for our dicks? Keep it long and hard with the Imperial cock ring.

This smooth stainless steel cockring in brushed or mirrored finish will make your cock stand tall and proud. It will also keep you thicker and harder so you can go the distance! You will certainly feel cocky!


Keep it HARD and LONG with the Imperial Cockring by gear essentials


Slip this baby on your hardening dick and you will discover why the Imperial penis ring is one of gear essentials’ most popular rings. Crafted of solid stainless steel (right here in the USA) in the shape of a flattened donut, the Imperial gives you a comforting weighted cock-hug (which also adds power to your fuck-thrust) yet it isn't bulky. 

Want to keep your love rod hard and long? Pop on an Imperial penis ring and show the world your rock hard cock!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it: Imperial C Ring:


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This fuzzy fucker is a stud. Look at his chiseled body and healthy cock. I could help release a little tension with my mouth or hand. I’m sure his cum tastes as good as his body and cock look!!!!!

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