Prostate Pleasure, the Multiple Male Orgasm and Anal Toy Safety


There is amazing pleasure to be discovered up your ass. The prostate gland is located at the base of your cock--but way on the inside of you. When it is rubbed and teased it sends the sensations of orgasm rolling throughout your body.

You can see that you don't really have to go far to unleash even more pleasure!


There are a lot of ways that you can tease and toy with your P Spot. (To read more about my personal journey in discovering my prostate, check out my blog Discovering Multiple Prostate Orgasms.)

Male Multiple Orgasms

Male Multiple Orgasms are possible. Generally we ejaculate when we orgasm--this is most often after intercourse or jacking off. It takes a while for men to get it up again (especially as we age) because of our refractory period. However, when you cause "dry" orgasms by playing with your prostate there is no ejaculation (although you may experience plenty of pre-cum) so you can just keep going as long as you are able to stand the overwhelming pleasure! Some men report having orgasms as quickly as every ten seconds. Sign me up!

Discovering the JOY of Multiple Male Orgasms with a Dildo
I usually refer folks to Dick and Jane’s blog because they are one seriously cool and open straight couple who blog about their sexual explorations in a refreshingly open way. (And they keep it simple so even I can understand!) Dick posted a great blog on this on 9 September 2012 entitled Demystifying the Pleasures of Prostate Play. I use Dick as a resource extensively. (For those of you who would like to read Dick’s blog in its entirety—and it’s well worth your time—here’s the link:

You can use your fingers or more commonly some kind of toy to experience multiple male orgasms. There are products specifically angled to hit your prostate just right. And these require a bit less gymnastics on your part!

When using a toy, take some precautions to make sure you protect your partner and yourself. Dildos, P Spot massagers and plugs are designed to go inside your body. Generally speaking, anytime you insert something into your body there is a risk of infection or injury so take it easy and take some basic precautions to make your experience pleasurable and safe!

Here are some basic rules to help enhance your insertable adventure:

  1. If you are playing with a female partner, be sure to clean a toy if it is going from someone's mouth to vagina. The mouth has bacteria and yeasts that can easily cause an infection (although it is rare). A quick wipe with a germicidal cloth and a rinse under war tap water will do the trick.
  2. When going to the anus, there is far less risk of trouble. However, if you are going from anus to mouth or vagina, stop! Clean it up! You can get an infection from even your own germs. To keep play rolling, use a condom on your toy so you can just rip it off and keep the party going!
  3. When entering the ass, make sure you have lubed it up. Silicone, latex and glass need a little grease to help them slide safely. Don't be stingy in the lube department. You want this experience to be pleasurable--and you don't want to tear anything.

Be Careful when inserting into Multiple Orifices

A Primer on Lube Types

There are several types of lube including water-based, oil-based, silicone and those using a combination of these. Choosing lubes can be daunting. We just want to be able to slather some slippery goo on and GO! But if you are using a latex or jelly toy, you should stick to water-based or silicone lubes. 
  • Water-based:  Water-based lubes, though slippery, tend to dry out fairly quickly needing re-application. This is especially important with butt plugs. Water-based lubes will help it go in easily but it may dry out--even inside your butt. If this happens, try to get it wet to reactivate the lube so it will come back out smoothly.

  • Oil-based:  These include petroleum jelly, vegetable oil or even shortening. These stay slippery but will dissolve and ruin your latex toys. You also should avoid using oil-based lubes in the vagina.
  • Silicone:  Silicone is a newer space-age lube. It is very slippery (in fact, more slippery than any other lube) so you only have to use a small amount. However, it is the most expensive. It also has not been approved by the US government for use inside the body. You can use it safely with latex toys (unlike oil-based); however, it will erode and eventually destroy your silicone toys.

Tips on Using Lube:

Be generous with it (even silicone). Rub it all over the toy you are using and also work some into the ass hole or vagina before inserting the toy. For anal play, put a big glob of lube on your finger and gently insert it into your ass. Work as much inside as you can while smearing a lot around the rim. This helps avoid pain during insertion. Grease it up!

Tips on Toy Materials

Silicone, Glass, Stone & Metal:  These materials are not porous so they can be cleaned thoroughly enough to be used in multiple orifices. You can safely wash these in a dishwasher (but only on the top shelf) using your normal dishwasher soap and the very hot water setting. It is recommended that you rinse them first however. 


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Latex:  This rubber material is pretty porous. As such there is no guaranteed way to thoroughly clean a latex or jelly toy. An excellent tip is to keep specific toys designated for specific orifices. Mark which are for your ass and which are vaginal. (Or just pop a condom on it.) You can wash them--and should--between uses by using anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Always make sure that you completely dry before re-using.Enjoy discovering your prostate and the amazing pleasure it brings!
gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  
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