Classic Combo:  Titan C Ring & Leather Stretcher


We get a lot of comments about the smooth comfort and practicality of a Titan cock ring. I find myself being drawn to this style a lot. It is classically simple and very comfortable. While it is a flatter-style ring, the edges are rounded so it doesn’t bite into your flesh. It just makes your MANflesh get bigger!

I also love combining a ball stretcher with a cock ring. Back in the day when I thought a ball weight was too kinky, I did venture into leather ball stretcher territory. (I laugh now because in hindsight it really was just a ‘gateway drug’ for me!) The leather stretcher provides the pull on the balls (although I find that I do miss the weight). However, this is a great introduction to how ball stretching feels—and it still provides the amazing elongated orgasm that I’ve grown to love and expect.


Classic Combo: Leather Ball Stretcher & the Titan C Ring by gear essentials


As you can see in the pic above, this cock-worshiper unzipped and look what popped out! A cockring-induced hard-on of thickest proportions! That’s what a penis ring will do for you: the blood flow is restricted into your prick so you are thicker, harder and longer. No one will complain when you have more real estate down there.

It also adds sensitivity to your dick. Regardless of which dark hole it finds its way into, you will be electrified by the sensations emanating from your groin!

Add the ball stretcher and you have a one-two knock-out punch! (The ball stretcher also results in greater sensitivity in your ball sack. Sometimes it is just too much…)

We can help you ramp that up even more—if you are up for it! A little prostate massage will make your orgasm feel like it is endless (not a problem here!) and a glans ring will explode the head of your dick. Want even more? Add nipple clamps and watch your rod jerk to life! Need even more stimulation? Pump those nips AND your dick! Dick-pumping is a great way to edge—and you will see more pre-cum coming out of your dick than a teen-age circle jerk!

All of these amazing sensations are easy to enjoy—and fun to explore. Try one—or expand your universe to include them all. My question is, “Why settle for vanilla sex when you can have mind-blowing sex?” If you are worried that your partner will think you are weird, start slowly and make gentle suggestions of what you would like. Ask your partner what s/he would like. Be open and non-judgmental. All of us have a little freak inside of us. And when you let it out, it has fun and you realize that it was never that freaky in the first place! It’s all good!

Or—you can take a good friend’s advice: she always says: “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke!” (Life IS short.)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!







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