Unzip and Let those Ball Stretchers Hang out!


I can wear 2 lbs. / 92 kg of weights on my balls--but there's no way I can stack what the stud pictured below is packing! Those are some huge balls!

Regardless of how much weight you can stack on your balls, you will find a lot of pleasure in having these classic rings of solid stainless steel wrapped around your nut sac. Yesterday I was bouncing around in just my 8 oz. / 1/2" (23 kg / 18 mm) bandwidth ball weight. And it felt so great! There's enough weight there that I feel the pleasure of the pull, tug and twist. It definitely was working its magic.

But sometimes I just crave more so I stack the Omega Split Ring on top of my traditional ball stretchers. I love the Omega because it's rounded like a donut (toroidal-shaped) so it fits where my cock and balls flare to meet my torso--easily resting above my traditional ball weights. It's a great way to add more weight easily--especially when I can't fit another traditional weight due to its squarer shape.


Unzip and Let those Ball Stretchers Hang out!


I've written this before but the first time I saw a guy with stacked ball weights like this I thought, "You must be NUTS!" Then I put my first ball stretcher on. The head on my shoulders said "NO!" but the head on my dick said, "Oh, YES!" and I immediately popped a woody. The pleasure--on so many levels--is amazingly intense and one that I continue to enjoy every day. My love affair with ball stretchers just grows stronger.

So Unzip and let those ball stretchers hang out! Get stacked!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Ball Weight:   http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights  


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